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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, with many companies expanding globally and the huge boom in remote working and other flexible arrangements, it can be tricky getting the team together in one time and place.

However, communication is still key - for floating ideas, getting valuable feedback, collaborating on projects and simply keeping everyone in the loop.

So the question is, how do you keep communication going when everyone is so spread out?

The range of creative, intuitive tech on the market means that virtual meetings are now a regular part of the day-to-day in many businesses. They still create that instant connection of a face-to-face meeting, but without a lot of the wasted time and hassle of coordinating.

If you do them right, virtual meetings have the potential to be more worthwhile than the traditional set-up. You have the ability to be more creative with the structure and content, making the experience more memorable for attendees and more likely to produce valuable results.

Benefits of virtual meetings

As anyone can join a virtual meeting from anywhere in the world, it removes the need for attendees to travel. This means a smaller impact on the environment, as there’ll be no need to drive or fly in from elsewhere, as well as less money being spent on employee travel costs by the company.

The time that would’ve been spent travelling can also be used by attendees to prepare some ideas to present and to read over any relevant information, meaning that overall productivity is boosted.

Another benefit of virtual meetings is that they allow for a wider and more diverse group of people to join, instead of just whoever’s in one office. By mixing employees from different teams and branches of the company, it allows for multiple perspectives on a project. This means people can come at an idea from all angles, improving it, adding to it and perfecting it until the final version is the best it can be.

The main worry that people have about virtual meetings is the technology. Some attendees might not be confident with using new software, or you may be concerned about a glitchy stream slowing down proceedings.

The good news is that there’s so much cutting-edge tech out there now to vanish these fears. Simple, easy-to-use software with follow-along tutorials will get employees up to speed in no time, while super-speedy Internet connections make technical hitches unlikely.