Why micro events & intimate venues are rising in popularity

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Large-scale events have their place, especially when it’s a product launch or a large, company-wide initiative where you want to make a big impact. But in some instances, smaller gatherings can bring more effective and successful results.

With the Covid-19 pandemic came a UK-wide ban on large gatherings, making way for smaller events and intimate venue hire in ways we’d not seen before. Initially considered a compromise, intimate events have since evolved and are proving to be more popular than ever – with Google searches for the term ‘micro event’ continuing to rise in 2022, according to Google Trends.

Why have micro events become so popular? The obvious reason would be the lower price point, with intimate venues coming at a lower cost and less people often equalling less food. But there’s more behind the rise in popularity for small events - let’s dig into why.


Micro events and sustainability often go hand in hand. Smaller events mean lower catering production and, as it’s easier to predict quantities with smaller numbers, less food wastage. Also, intimate venues tend to have less of an impact on the environment as you’d find with bigger spaces.

And with less guests taking transport, hosting a smaller event means you’re cutting down on attendee carbon footprint.


With big events like a large-scale conference, you have to plan months (maybe even years) in advance. But small events require less planning time, making it easier to organise spontaneous gatherings and jump on last minute business changes or emerging industry trends.


Small events allow for targeted, personalised, and curated guest experiences. You’ll have a better grasp of the guest list, letting you deliver content that’s better targeted to your attendees and create an agenda that helps you stick to your purpose and goals for the event.

It’s in smaller gatherings at intimate venues where you can truly pick quality over quantity, with more budget and therefore freedom to pick the best entertainment and décor. Having a better sense of who is attending also means you don’t need to take a ‘for the masses’ approach.


Smaller events allow a bit more room to be creative, especially around where you choose to host it. Find an intimate venue that encourages creativity and networking – like the quaint Boudoir room at Hedsor House Events.

Intimate gatherings and venues also allow for more variety in the type of event you host, whether that’s a cosy VIP event or a Lunch & Learn session.


Hosting an event with a smaller guest list promotes meaningful connections between attendees and offers a more conducive environment for networking opportunities.

Intimate venues and smaller numbers promote a feeling of togetherness and lessen the chance of guests getting lost in the crowd. When people feel like they belong, they are more productive, motivated and engaged. Hosting a smaller event, both you and the guests are more likely to walk away feeling you got something from the occasion.

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