Biohub at Ings Farm Launches

Sister brands Lime Venue Portfolio and The Venues Collection announce the next innovation in event food

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Lime Venue Portfolio & The Venues Collection, part of Compass Group, are announcing today the launch of a new and innovative demonstrator farm which will change the way event food is sourced and managed; The Biohub at Ings Farm. The launch is the result of a collaboration between the businesses sister company Levy UK + Ireland, the brand’s food partner, RegenFarmCo, Yorkshire Water, and Quorn Professionals and is designed to help educate current and future generations of chefs and farmers on sustainable farming practices.

The announcement continues both brand’s innovation within meetings and events food and follows in the wake of their announcement to ban air freight across its supply chain, the implementation of Carbon footprint labelling across many of its venue menus and Lime Venue Portfolio’s award winning Beyond Food series.

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The Biohub at Ings Farm

The Biohub at Ings Farm is a regenerative agricultural initiative that will enable the group to grow its own produce using the latest in sustainable and circular agricultural techniques, reusing waste to create quality and diverse ingredients using basic nature. The produce will then be used to help serve partner venues within the Lime Venue Portfolio, of which The Venues Collection is part of.

The farm itself is a 92-acre plot which has been developed into a biological platform of social and ecological activity. RegenFarmCo (CIC), a specialist regenerative agriculture consultancy, has led on the design and management of the Biohub at Ings Farm, working closely with chefs, culinary teams, and their wider supply chain across the group, developing sustainable crops and ingredients.

Quorn Professionals, the foodservice division of the market-leading meat free brand will also take an active role in the biohub scheme, alongside landowner Yorkshire Water, who will also include the project in their Beyond Nature® programme, an environmental initiative which helps its tenant farmers practice a sustainable and biodiverse approach to land management and agriculture.

The Biohub site is located near Harrogate and will also be used by all parties as a learning hub; facilitating training for the next generation of farmers and chefs centred around the latest developments in sustainable farming, resource management, and the diversification of food production systems. 

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Joanne Barrett, Lisa Morris, Sam Morgan & Jenner Carter at the Biohub at Ings Farm

Joanne Barratt, Managing Director, Lime Venue Portfolio and The Venues Collection, commented; “It really is difficult to explain just how fundamentally important this launch is for our industry and the massive impact it will have not just on event food, but global food production in general. This is another sign of the meetings and events industry, working in collaboration with our colleagues in hospitality, to do something genuinely groundbreaking and world changing. It’s a really proud moment for everyone connected with the project.”

Dr Vincent Walsh, Head of Farm Innovation at RegenFarmCo, said: “Whether addressing the climate crisis, improving our food security, or responding to changes in consumer behaviour, the way we manage our land and grow crops needs to change. And while innovations in agritech, and new low carbon methods of cultivation are incredibly important, it’s projects like the Biohub which will help ensure the farm to fork journey becomes genuinely sustainable.”