LVP Welcomes isla Temperature Check Food & Drink Performance

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Lime Venue Portfolio has welcomed the progress made by the events industry around sustainable event food, following the launch last month of isla’s Temperature Check. The report, which took data from over 127 UK based events saw food and drink stand out as an area of high promise.

In a comprehensive report, which covered everything from Graphic Materials, Waste, Production Materials, Energy, Production Transport, and Audience and Staff Travel and Accommodation, Food & Drink was one of the brightest areas of progress. It was also one of the most often reported upon, 73% of events having been able to provide data.

However, the highlight of the report, according to Lime Venue Portfolio, was the fact that 55% of all meals recorded are now meat-free, showing a trend toward plant-based catering. The commentary read that ‘This can reduce emissions by up to 97% per meal, making this one of the easiest and most effective actions to take to reduce carbon emissions.’

Lime Venue Portfolio has been at the forefront of the industry in addressing food-led waste and sustainable menus through a series of knowledge led campaigns, including its award winning Beyond Food Reports as well as the creation of a ‘Meetings for Change’ menu brand. Equally, the group has provided commentary, expertise, and solution finding to encourage more sustainable event food.

“There is still so much to do, not just in terms of food and drink, but across event production, to minimise our impact on the environment,” commented Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “However, we really welcome the findings of this first Temperature Check report. I’m delighted also with our own contribution to this area. Events going into our venues do so with the confidence we have reduced food miles though our banning of air freight and our commitment to local sourcing. They can also share carbon calculations with delegates through our partnership with Klimato.”

“We’re now seeing a concerted effort between organisers, events, venues, and delegates around food. It means we can be highly confident that next year will see even further improvements. At the same time, at LVP we’re taking even bigger and more ambitious steps to not just offset and reduce carbon but to actively take it out of the environment. This is through the experimental work we are doing at our BioHub at Ings Farm. It’s an incredible prospect, that by eating food at our venues, events could be offsetting carbon produced in other areas of the production.”

“One of the messages I took from the report, especially when it looks at how events can look to control their support services, is that now, more than ever, you have to pick your partners carefully,” concluded Jo. “The best partners will solve many of your problems, just through the work they are doing. They can be collaborators in your vision and vice versa. We really welcome the Temperature Check, it’s both a challenge to the industry and a chance to be inspired by it. At Lime Venue Portfolio we’re excited about where it can go from here.”