Why put on a roadshow?

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If you’ve been looking into putting on a business event, or if you keep on top of events trends generally, chances are you’ll have noticed that roadshows are having a moment. Set to become even bigger in 2020, the roadshow is fast becoming the best way to reach a large audience for a specific purpose.

It’s easy to see why as the benefits are numerous: you get to interact face-to-face with your customers, test out different ideas or products, promote your brand and hopefully see a boost in traffic and sales.

In this article we’ve put together the four main reasons why you might want to put on a roadshow. From finding new recruits to showing how your new product works, each one will succeed in helping your business to grow, and to secure its place as a market leader.

If you’re looking to hire a lot of people, or if you’re determined to find the best of the best for an important role, you might want to consider holding a recruitment roadshow. This will allow you to meet a large and diverse group of candidates, as well as make it easier for them to travel to you.

Roadshows also permit you to try some assessment methods other than the standard interview. You could ask attendees to take part in team building activities, presentations or speed dating-style sessions. This will show you how candidates react to different situations, and give you a better overall picture of them as individuals.

The great thing about roadshows is that they go both ways: as well as you finding the best candidates, it’s also an opportunity for you to show people why your company is so good to work for. Highlight all the best bits of your brand and make it clear that those who are successful will be able to grow within an inventive, successful business.

If there’s a new process within your organisation that needs to be communicated to your staff, chances are it won’t make a big impact if it just gets tagged onto each team’s next meeting.

To really understand the new development and be able to communicate it to customers, your staff need to experience it firsthand and interact with it. This is where roadshows come in.

Roadshows can help you to effectively communicate any company changes to your employees, from showing them how to work a new machine to walking them through an updated health and safety procedure. When staff have the opportunity to experience these changes in an interactive, engaging way, they’re much more likely to remember and implement them. This will ensure everyone within the business stays on the same page.

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Brand Exhibition
What better way to showcase your business and what it does than to put it centre stage? Whether you’re looking to put your company on the map or you need to refresh your brand image, a roadshow can help you to reach a huge audience and pin your mission and your goals at the forefront of people’s minds.

A roadshow is a chance to cement yourself and your staff as experts in your field, becoming the go-to source for your audience when they need to know something. With a roadshow, you have nearly limitless scope for creating a unique, interactive experience that will show people how you’re different - and better - than the other brands in your sector.

This type of event also provides an amazing marketing opportunity. Drum up excitement and anticipation for the roadshow on social media, then write some blogs to summarise what happened at each stop along the route. This will help you to reach a whole new audience, widening your outreach and increasing your potential customers.

Product Launch
When asked in a survey about the biggest factor that would encourage them to buy a product, 73% of consumers answered “product samples”. The try-before-you-buy idea is hugely effective in getting customers to purchase your product or service, which is why putting on a roadshow is such a useful tool in boosting profits for your brand.

Roadshows are an ideal space for product demos and service sampling, where your audience can get up close to see, touch and experience what your brand is offering. You can also provide product experts within your business to be on-hand at the event to answer any questions and promote the product’s benefits.

When potential customers get the chance to interact with something that they’re considering buying, it will help to build their trust in the product and the brand. After all, you wouldn’t allow your audience to try it out if you knew it wasn’t up to scratch. In addition, you’ll gain valuable feedback from your customer base, which will allow you to improve your product further and make it the best it can be.

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