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Eating well at an event can sometimes be difficult, but is essential in keeping delegates’ minds active.

The links between food and wellbeing are intrinsic, but how much do we need to think about brain food at events?

We all know the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, but only recently has the full meaning become apparent, as researchers continue to discover the impact that food has on mental health.

Being part of the events industry, we have an unofficial duty of care towards the organisers and delegates who visit our venues. It’s all too easy for attendees to indulge in ‘treat’ foods when they’re away from their usual environment, not to mention the tendency to neglect their physical and mental health in favour of demanding event agendas.

Food plays an undeniable part in dictating energy and concentration levels, mood and general wellbeing. If delegates aren’t given healthy choices and space to relax and decompress, they won’t be at their full potential and the event won’t fulfil all of its goals.

Here at Lime Venue Portfolio we want to be at the forefront of positive change - a movement we’re calling ‘Wellness 2.0’. This starts with offering menu choices that are inclusive, sustainably sourced and designed to support good physical and mental health.

In this third chapter of our Beyond Food Report, we delve deep into how the events industry can encourage a better approach to health and wellbeing, and help to bring organisers, delegates and the whole industry to their full potential.

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