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The way people eat at events is changing.

As populations around the world begin to understand the impact of their eating habits we delve deeper into the emergence of plant menus in the events industry. The way we approach food is changing, and in no more dramatic way than through consumer’s collective move from meat to plant.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, vegan and vegetarians have been around for a very long time. However, the last decade has seen the movement gain momentum, accelerating from the side lines of restaurants and bars, to the front and centre of every mainstream menu.

Plant-based food is here to stay, from the early Love and Impossible Burgers, to the humble veggie wrap, and now even the arrival of a vegan option in none other than KFC!

But the story isn’t in the menu, it’s in the reasoning behind the movement. This isn’t about animal welfare per se, this is about the environment, and has a place closer to the global movement towards sustainability, the reduction of C02 and a ‘greener’ planet, than it does in the farms of the UK. Plant-based eating isn’t about food, it’s about environment.

This chapter looks at this global movement in more detail. Exploring the growing terminologies around plant-based eating, where they come from, and where they could end up. It also looks at ways it is influencing the planet, as well as what is served up on the high street, in restaurants and, of course, in events.

There is evidence, opinion, stats and facts, all wrapped up in an enthralling Chapter II of Beyond Food. Enjoy.

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