Venue choice matters. It matters because there is a choice when it comes to venue selection. This could include everything from the backdrop of a lifestyle shoot, if you’re covering a major event, or supporting a brand on its image and identity; venues often play the ‘not-so-silent’ backdrop, always seen by the photographer but often ignored by everyone else.

So, step one. You have a choice. For us at Lime Venue Portfolio, we bat for the unique and unusual option exactly because we understand brand. Not every venue is right for every brand, but there is a unique venue out there for every one, you just need to go and find it. 

So, what is a unique venue? From our point of view, it is a venue whose main operational use is not the hosting of events, launches, shoots etc. It could be a leisure attraction, a museum or gallery, or a country house. It is also often a sporting venue; racecourse, football or rugby stadium. What differentiates them from all the others is that, whilst hosting businesses isn’t its main job, it is a business that cares about this secondary interest and wants to do it well.


Photo by Splento.

This is where we come in; we help them, we work with them, and if they hit a certain standard we’re proud to have them as part of our portfolio; the largest one working solely in the unique and unusual venue sector.

Here you can choose the perfect backdrop to your shoot, and create real value for the brands and businesses you work with. For instance, Hever Castle is a stunning venue, ideal for both historic shoots, but also for those with a sense of grandeur, heritage; even a taste of country gentrification. These notes are all over the walls of the venue and can say so much about a product, regardless of its own sense of history.

How about a sporting venue like Twickenham Stadium? Yes, there is an obvious link to Englishness and sport, but also to competition, health and wellness, to the colosseum like environment that major international sport takes place in. Most unique venues are so backed with history, experience and memory that its falling from the walls. There will be areas where history happened, drama or controversy; these can all be used to tell another story through the photography.

How about a venue like HMS Belfast, a stunning venue, complex rooms, machinery, history, multiple materials, all within a setting that has so many different voices; history, battle, war, confined spaces, maritime excellence; event the city and the river it is set on tells a story. If you like that sort of feel, its not a million miles upriver to the Churchill War Rooms, based in the basement next to Westminster and also oozing with rich history and a darkness that brings forth imagery of a nations desperation at war.

These venues have rooms of every sort, each unique and offering a slightly different perspective. These rooms have not been created off plan, they have evolved over time to be where they are right now; both from a sporting and a heritage venues point of views.

Companies continue to put more and more value onto their brands and it’s the photographers job to capture and manage the essence of this identity and bring it to life through marketing. Great photography enforces brand messages as well as enriching the story that the company is looking to tell.

Photo by Splento

The venue is a crucial plot point in this endeavour and deserves the attention of both photographer and client. Chosen wisely and with thought, they can bring additional elements to the shoot that can elevate it into areas not yet explored. A pre-shoot location visit can make a major impact into the photograph being shot. These venues are available, they are original, and they want to work with you.

So, in designing your imagery, we want you to choose a venue that makes a statement, even when it is merely a backdrop to a wider story.

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