When discussing upcoming nuptials weddings can often bring to mind weekend after weekend of long hot August days standing in marquees with high heels sinking into rain-soaked grass and lashings of multicourse formal meals with the usual fare, but recently there’s been a refreshing trend towards winter weddings.

A Christmas wedding is a great alternative and here’s why...

1. Greater Availability

If you’ve set your heart on a venue, chances are that lots of couples have too. High demand and competition during the peak summer period may mean you miss out on the dates you want and if you’re booking at short notice missing out on your dream venue completely.

Demand falls in winter not just for venues, but also suppliers and your guests will find it easier to book accommodation at this less busy time. You may even be able to pick up some out of season discounts and packages.  

2. Stand out from the crowd

Who doesn’t like to stand out? Your wedding is a chance to really let your style and personality shine through. Choosing a winter wedding will offer your guests a unique and unforgettable experience. Marrying close to Christmas will add a real twist to your special day.

3. A Seasonal Highlight

If you decide to get married in the festive season it’s very likely that your guests haven’t been to a wedding in a while and will be ready for a good party. Summer weddings can often leave guests a little weary particularly if they’ve got one to attend every Saturday in August. At this time of year, your wedding will be the highlight of the season and something guests can really look forward to.

4. Forget the Weather

A Christmas wedding means you don’t have to worry about the weather as you can be assured it will probably be cold and most likely rain. So that’s one less thing to fret about and try and control on the day. With less time spent constantly checking weather forecasts and your plan B photoshoot locations, you can concentrate more on enjoying your special day, indoors, dry and warming yourself in front of a roaring fire.

5. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There’s no mistaking the special atmosphere around Christmas time and channelling this into your wedding can lead to a more magical, heartwarming and intimate experience. Pick a venue for its wintery atmosphere, open fires, lush velvet and berry interiors and soft-lit rooms like those at Farnham Castle will all add to the romance of the day.

6. Mulled Wine on Tap

Go full-on Christmas flavours and get some mulled wine on tap. Spiced hot ciders and wines are perfect for fireside speeches and warming up your guests. You can also offer hot chocolate with marshmallows for the non-drinkers and younger members of the guest list to drink under blankets whilst the photos are taking place.  

7. Romantic Evenings

What’s more romantic than a fireside glow, blankets, smoky scents and candlelight and shutting the cold evening out as the night closes? The ambience and colour palettes at Christmas are the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. You and your guest could also warm up in the jacuzzi and sauna at Sedgebrook Hall.

8. Flexibility of Time

Away from the mad clamber to secure a booking on a handful of weekends in August, a winter wedding will allow you to be more choosy about where and when you have your wedding.

You’re much more likely to get exclusive hire as in peak season you may be sharing your venue with up to two other couples and their guests, limiting the possibility for spontaneity and flexibility on the day and losing that intimate atmosphere. 

9. People are Around

Anyone who has ever tried to organise a summer event will know that for every friend who can make it, half a dozen will be away on holiday. At Christmas people will be much more likely to be around and able to attend your big day. Guests may also be more inclined to travel because they already have time off.

10. Hearty Winter Warmers

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to create a truly seasonal and festive event. Warming winter hearty meals like stews and comfort foods like creamy soups can be cheaper than more expensive seafood based summer dishes.

To continue a more romantic and intimate atmosphere you can opt for homely classics such as shepherd’s pie, sausage and mash or pies. In the cold season, you can choose heavier main courses options and seasonal additions can make enhance the winter theme, for example, smoky flavours, chestnuts and subtle spicing.

11. Join the A-List

The rich and famous choose to marry nearer to Christmas. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas got married in November. And Nicole Richie & Joel Madden and Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter all chose to get married in winter.

12. Sweat-Less

The hot and humid weather in summer can cause mayhem with your hair and skin. There are also other factors to take into consideration like sunburn, wasps and rain-soaked grass.

The unpredictability of British summers can require you to have to be prepared for everything eventually and taking clothes and accessories for every weather condition - sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas, wellies and coats, the list goes on.

13. The Best of Both Worlds

The summer holidays are notoriously expensive for booking holiday and travel. A winter wedding means you’ll be able to pick up a cheaper deal for your Honeymoon trip. You’ll also be able to really appreciate the contrast of travelling to warmer climes.

14. A Ready Made theme

Everyone loves a bit of Christmas spirit and holding your wedding in winter will enable you to really utilise this magical time of year. You can also save money on decorations as a majority of venues will already be decorated in preparation for the festive season and if you’re lucky a movie-esque ceiling to floor Christmas tree.

15. Longer Evenings

Winter means more dancing time. As the nights draw in earlier guests will be more keen to seek shelter and get to the entertainment part of the evening. 

16. Cool Fashion

Choosing a less traditional time of year means you can reflect this in the style you choose for your wedding attire. Multiple skirts and layers are not necessarily the easiest thing to wear in summer and winter means you can opt for richer jewel colours, long sleeves and heavier fabrics.

Winter also really lends itself to original accessories such as shawls and wraps at this festive time of year you can really go full on razzle-dazzle with metallics and sequins.

17. Winter Blooms

A Christmas wedding is the perfect opportunity to do something really different with the flowers you choose for the big day. Rustic foliage, icy cool tones and metallics contrasting against warm rich Christmas colours, all work really well in the winter season.

You can also add some spicy aromas like eucalyptus and cinnamon to the bouquet. At this time of year, you can take advantage of what's growing in your garden and add some holly and icy to your floral arrangements and centrepieces.

18. Sales, sales, sales

With Black Friday, last minute discounts and heavily discounted goods in the January sales, getting married at the end of the year means there are some real bargains to have.

19. Christmas Songs

A Christmas wedding is the perfect excuse to roll out the Christmas hits and really get your guests in the festive spirit. Whatever age your guests and their taste in music they'll all know the words and be singing along.

20. Did we Mention the Mulled Wine?

We just thought we would mention this again, just in case you forgot!


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