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Luxury private dinner venues to remember

To dine privately is to take people that matter the most in your world and bring them together with the universal language of food and experience. Whether they are friends, family, business colleagues, clients, customers, stakeholders or shareholders, private dinner venues add that little extra exclusivity and formality to an otherwise informal occasion.

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  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    Capacity: 10000


    Situated in the heart of North London, Tottenham Hotspur is a state-of-the-art events venue.

  • Twickenham Stadium

    Capacity: 1200


    Twickenham effortlessly caters for large events, including conferences and exhibitions.

  • Unity Place

    Capacity: 600

    Unity Place

    Unity Place is a newly developed building spanning over 8 floors in the heart of Milton Keynes ideal for meetings, conferences, networking and more.

  • Villa Park

    Capacity: 929


    Villa Park has delivered sporting heritage and a touch of elegance to private events since 1897.

  • Watford Football Club

    Capacity: 250


    Watford Football Club provides the perfect backdrop to events and conferences for businesses in London.

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

    Capacity: 1120


    Molineux Stadium, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and unforgettable events.

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Indulgent private dinner venues

Much more than a simple table booking at a restaurant, a private dinner venue shows care, attention, and an additional degree of grandeur that underlines the speciality of the occasion and of those that have been invited.  

Food and conversation

People love to talk about food – in the event world, over 45% of feedback relates to the food, wine and delivery. Conversation revolves around it, it provides natural breaks in discourse, and allows unfamiliar guests to create relationships around a universally common but utterly unique subject of food and taste. 

The privacy of the dining room allows conversation to flow freely, without interruption from outside parties, or indeed, without the group disrupting others. Business or sensitive matters can be discussed in a less formal atmosphere than a meeting room, more time can be taken over important or challenging subjects, or more personal concerns.  

Equally, private dinner venues can turn into a private party, allowing for celebration and a chance for loud stirring speeches or quiet moments of reflection. Between friends or family, a group of colleagues or a team brought together to win a piece of business or execute an important project, the privacy allows the occasion to happen uninterrupted. 

Private dinner venues that put food first

Lime Venue Portfolio has created the perfect blend of unusual and inspiring private dinner venues, united by premium quality food and service. 

Food is an enabler for great conversation and company, but it's also a stimulator. A finely delivered, indulgent and extravagant meal fuels conversation. A wide range of options and dishes on the table creates intrigue and discussion. The way the food is served and delivered, be it the subtle use of cutlery or plating to create a luxurious experience, or food bought to life on the table with the pouring of jus or syrup or live carving at the table, all add theatre and spark dialogue. 

Bespoke dining options

Our menus can be equally complex or simple depending on the occasion and choice of private dining room. We create dramatic seven-course experiences, tasting menus or more traditional, smaller courses, brought to life with clever notes and palate cleansers. From the amuse-bouche to the cheese plate, every moment is curated with the dining experience in mind.  

Similarly, our private dinner venues offer wine lists which are sourced from around the globe and designed to match the food, creating even more conversation. We can change the wine at every course, or leave fine bottles on the table for guests to choose from. Our approach and choice of wine says things about us as people – complex, extravagant, strong, mature, light, fruity or subtle. Conversation about wine brings the table together.  

To discuss your private dinner venue requirements in more detail, please contact our expert team.