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Welcome to The Meeting of the Future

What does The Meeting of the Future look like? It will signal a new era of accessible and inclusive meetings, according to our research. Taking insight from over six months of research, including focus groups and data from over 60 sources, in this article we share visually what it could look like. The following has been created through the data, insight, intelligence, and credible opinion taken from these sources. This gives us a vision of what is around the corner for event professionals. 

The Meeting of the Future campaign

The research has been undertaken in response to event professionals who are increasingly looking to understand what is coming next for meetings and events, not 20 years in the future but, more immediately, in the next three to five years.

The findings also showed more emphasis is being put on sensory accessibility, and that this will move into the presentation rooms, and not just the entrance to the event, as traditional ‘accessibility’ will move towards becoming a hygiene factor rather than a USP. The Meeting of the Future also shows that breakout areas and syndicate rooms will cater for a ‘new’ delegate, from ‘Quiet’ rooms for neurodiverse attendees to exercise rooms for those looking to fit in workouts.

The Meeting of the Future also showed the inclusion of ‘wework’ style workspaces for companies looking to recreate the office environment during the event, or for individuals looking to connect with their day-to-day responsibilities. It underlined that there will be an increasing move by many organisers to recreate networking and ‘watercooler’ moments within the traditional meeting environment.

Onsite streaming was also signalled as another area of evolution, not just broadcasting to the ‘out-of-room’ audience. Again, this touches on the need to deliver content to guests who may not like large, crowded rooms, and instead look to take in content from central screens, placed in less intimidating communal areas at the venue, where they can watch in privacy.

The Meeting of the Future campaign is a cross industry and collaborative initiative that has already included focus groups at International Confex, insight sessions at the ABPCO Festival of Learning, Roundtable discussion at The Meetings Show, and collaborations with Lime Venue Portfolio’s clients, customers, and venues. If you thought this article was interesting, please take a look at our content hub for more articles.

If you’d like to discuss the campaign further, we’d love to hear from you. If you are an agent please get in touch with or