Module 2: Effectively Handling Enquiries- Advanced

In this second part of the Effectively Handling Enquiries course we will be focusing on how to deal with objections and price resistance from customers, using a range of different techniques. A necessity for all Enquiry Handlers/ Event Planners new to the role or for those wanting a refresher.

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Effectively Handling Enquiries- Advanced- (Face to Face Training)

A face to face training course being held at Parklands, Birmingham which covers all parts of the above topics in detail. If you have completed the above online courses you do not need to attend this course.

Topic Breakdown:

  • Features, Benefits & Buying Motives
  • Objection Handling & Price Resistance

Date: Thursday 11th May 2023 @ 10AM

Location: Parklands, Birmingham

Duration: 2.5 hours 

Effectively Handling Enquiries- Advanced - Features, Benefits & Buying Motives (Teams Training)

This module looks at emotional and rational reasons for buying and learn examples of features and benefits, along with bridging statements to ensure your venue stands out from the competition

Topic Breakdown:

Features & Benefits

Buying Motives


Date: Thursday 18th May 2023 @ 10am

Location: Teams

Duration: 45 mins

Effectively Handling Enquiries- Advanced- Objection Handling & Price Resistance (Teams Training)

A look at why we get objections, the different types and how to best deal with them

Topic Breakdown:

Objection Handling
Price Resistance
Value Proposition 

Date: Thursday 25th May 2023 @ 10am

Location: Teams

Duration: 45 mins