Module 1: Effectively Handling Enquiries- Beginners

Join us for an introduction to telephone enquiry handling and how to gain information from customers in order to win their business and stand out from our competitors. This course is suitable for all Enquiry Handlers and Event Planners, particularly useful to those new to the role/ industry or for those that need a refresher.

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Effectively Handling Enquiries - Beginners - Face 2 Face Training

A face to face training course being held at Parklands, Birmingham which covers all parts of above topics in detail. If you have completed the above online teams courses you do not need to attend this course.

Topic Breakdown:

  • Telephone Techniques 
  • Fact Gathering & Identifying Customer Needs
  • What the Caller Hears and Body Language (on phone)
  • Top Tips 

Date: Thursday 13th April 2023 

Location: Parklands, Birmingham

Duration: 2.5 hours 

Effectively Handling Enquiries- Beginners- Telephone Techniques & Questioning Types (Teams Training)

Covering the 7 stages of an enquiry, from the call introduction, best handling techniques to ending the call with the right result. Learn how to ask the right questions to gain insight in to a customer's event.

Topic Breakdown:

Telephone Techniques 

Fact Gathering & Identify Customer Needs 

Date: Thursday 20th April 2023 @ 10am

Location: Teams

Duration: 45 mins

Effectively Handling Enquiries -Beginners- What the Caller Hears (Teams Training)

The final part of this course delves in to looking at how the caller hears much more than the words being said and how body language plays a major part in influencing a customer's decision. We'll look at the most appropriate means of ensuring the customer has a positive experience from start to finish and share some top tips!

Topic Breakdown:

What the Caller Hears

Body Language (on the phone)

Top Tips

Date: Thursday 27th April 2023 @ 10am

Location: Teams

Duration: 45 mins