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It’s conference season. And it’s a really important one.

At Lime Venue Portfolio we’ve long championed for ‘better’ events. Those that prize high production to get better returns on investment, that care for the little things in life, attention to detail, perfect food and drink, and inspirational settings. It seems that, from the success of last year, business is going that way too.

14 EICC Pentland Suite Credit John Need


Equally, the industry is facing many headwinds. From the cost of putting on an event, to the cost of living and high inflation that is hitting well, everybody. But the fact is that, despite this, business and brands continue to believe in, and invest in, what we do. This is incredible news.

In our trends for 2024 Blog, we encouraged all our industry colleagues to continue this pace and confidence, to capitalise on this increasing value we have and to double down on it. Now, with conference season around the corner, we have the perfect chance.

So, what does this look like? For us, it’s all about production values. The reason that business saw so much return on their meeting and event investments last year is because they released the smaller low production events and galvanised them into bigger, more ambitious moments. This created more quality, more cut through and resonance and yes, more value.

Yes, this meant investments in food and venue, and we were delighted to be a part of it. But it was also about staging, lighting, and more advanced content within these hyper extended environments.

6 EICC Atrium Champagne Bar Credit Malcolm Cochrane


It’s also about us understanding the importance of these meetings. Conferences are the perfect chance for a business to get across its vision, to create momentum and excitement within their businesses and among their clients, customers, staff and stakeholders. They are a kick off, but also a promotion for the business. They communicate values, ambition, and purpose. They’re really powerful.

They also have the chance to show the delegates that the event (and the business) cares. Increasingly, and as covered extensively in our Meeting of the Future campaign, events are looking to create wellness and care areas. They again show the values of the organisation and the duty of care they feel towards their guests. They also show that they want everyone to gather in person, and to not feel isolated or intimidated by the setting.


6 EICC Pentland Suite Credit Malcolm Cochrane


This year, those people who used to dread the idea of the ‘annual company shin dig’ should feel more welcome than ever before. It’s crucial that they do.

If the business really cares about what they are saying they will add theatre and drama, production and personality. They will add wellness areas and networking areas, feed bodies, inspire minds, and nourish tummies. This is what great conferences look like.

So, it’s time to grasp the moment. To put the peddle to the metal and to continue to show that, when done properly, there is nothing like live. It starts with Conference Season 2024.


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