Christmas Tree Planting Campaign - Terms & Conditions

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For each Christmas booking confirmation that Lime Venue Portfolio receives between the 27th of September — the 30th of November 2022, we will be donating one tree to One Tree Planted. We will be donating up to £500.

This will only be valid for booking confirmations. General enquiries will not be included in the donation.


“How ethical is the tree-planting company you will be using?”

Lime Venue Portfolio will be donating to One Tree Planted, who fundraise for reforestation projects worldwide (including UK-based projects).

The group has a checklist to avoid potential pitfalls – they only use indigenous species (apart from when they are working on agroforestry projects), they work with local ecologists and restoration specialists, and they make sure there is a community buy-in.

They require three years of on-the-ground monitoring, and further funding supports satellite and drone monitoring.

“Can I see the tree that has been planted for my confirmation?”

One Tree Planted fundraise for their reforestation projects in advance – meaning the trees may be planted in several months’ time. However, once the project wraps up, One Tree Planted will send us a report highlighting what was accomplished with the donations. We will know what environmental/community impact they will have. It will also include photos of the planting. This will we promoted across our social media/newsletters when we receive it.

“Can we contribute more trees to be planted?”

More information is available to view here:, if you would like to make a separate donation. If you’d like to contribute more towards the donation we will be making, please contact with your LVP booking reference before the 30th of November, detailing how much you would like to contribute.