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Trevor George Entertainments was founded in 1959 and now has offices throughout the country. We supply entertainment to every county in England and Scotland and have a huge network of acts which means in most cases the entertainment you require is sourced locally to where the event is happening.

As we are supply acts locally, it means the cost of standard entertainment like jazz bands, harpists and DJs are extremely competitive. On the other hand because of our links with our sister company Sternberg Clarke we can supply the very best in unusual, creative entertainment and provide clients with acts that they have never seen before.

Indeed in addition to simply booking acts, we can create whole entertainment based event solutions for things like product launches, PR events and exhibitions, where in addition to the actual act we can create costuming, theming and production. The key to our success are the acts and knowing what’s out there, spending more time than anyone else looking for new acts of whatever genre, be it magic, music, dance, circus or comedy.

To that end we have a series of representatives all over the country whose only job is to research acts in their area (great job!)- then annually we create four showcases through the country (in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester & Newcastle) for clients to see the very best of these new acts. In addition to our knowledge of acts, our knowledge of venues is second to none, knowing what works in a particular space, knowing what is allowed and what isn’t, knowing what the decibel limits are and know how to get in and get out.

So whether you have a sporting venue an historic venue or a museum we can provide suitable and effective entertainment safely


Contact information: SAMANTHA RIKA

Telephone: (01803) 615 700


Postal address: 15 All Saints Road, Torquay TQ1 3RE



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