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Ways to be Well at Science and Media Museum

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Explore ways to be well

Incorporating a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing, our menus have been nutritionally designed with the planet in mind and focus on how they can support both mental and physical wellbeing. Championing a plant forward philosophy, ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced to fuel your conference and events.

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Our menus include:

  • Lower GI Sandwich Lunch 
  • Hearty and Happy Soups 
  • Nourishing Protein and Salad Lunches 
  • Heart-warming and Healthy Main Courses 
  • Hydration Station 
  • Mindful Drinks 
  • & more 

Good for the Planet:

  • A plant-forward menu that prioritises local sourcing 
  • A commitment to sustainably sourced meat and dish which means we reduce our carbon footprint and support more biodiverse agriculture 
  • Reusable and sustainable packaging 
  • Biodiverse menus 
  • Traceability of our ingredients and sourcing. 
  • Working with social enterprises that support the communities we inhabit

Enhance your event

Luxey Dayanandan, a registered Nutritionist, is hosting Lunch & Learn sessions on topics from food and mood, how what we can eat can influence our mental and physical health, to how to fuel your body for productivity to gut health. These sessions can be virtual or in-person, and are interactive, with our Chefs and Luxey explaining the food offer and nutritional benefits of the menus to delegates. 

And that's not all. Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team about their other initiatives.