Lime Venue Portfolio, who bring together Compass Group Venues in pursuit of driving meeting, conference and event business knows food has always been a big talking point for customers and also their delegates. However the conversations are changing, and we're having new discussions around food sourcing, sustainability, wastage and content. This is a big issue and one we're incredibly passionate to support Levy UK venues with as they launch new Mindful Meetings packages.


The packages which include well-thought-out menus build on Levy UK’s understanding of health, wellbeing and the environment to be mindful of their guests and planet. This approach demonstrates there isn't a single answer to fuelling meetings, but knowing a considered approach helps the individual make the right decision and keep attention at events at the perfect levels.


It seems simple, but to maintain brain and body function delegates need to remain hydrated throughout the day; embracing a nutritional diet is also central to being assertive. A lack of quality balanced fluids is a sure-fire way to experience fluctuating concentration levels and reduced productivity.


Understanding balanced nutrition doesn’t need to be as complicated as it can sometimes sound, Levy UK’s Mindful Meetings menus celebrate a plant first philosophy that uses food in its entirety and predominantly those grown from root to shoot. The packages remove unnecessary and hidden sugars and are created using the whole ingredient to reduce food waste and the impact on the environment.


These menus look to reduce, but not eradicate red meat consumption. The benefits of reducing red meat consumption span both the environmental and the personal. At an environmental level, the global food system is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases emitted and livestock equates to half of this. Red meat consumption needs to fall by 90% to avoid dangerous climate change, according to the most comprehensive analysis of the food system’s impact on the environment as published in the Journal Nature.


Studies have also found that high red meat consumption increases the rate of cancer, heart disease and a plethora of other live-threatening conditions so a reduction at a personal level can have really positive health and wellbeing implications.


The company subscribes to Michael Pollan’s mantra that one should look to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. Levy UK  chefs have developed this thinking in a variety of ways, from the subtle placement of meat towards the back of displays, to using meat as a garnish to dress seasonal veg.


Mindful Meetings


The Mindful Meetings package is initially being launched at Levy UK’s conference and events offering at Reading FC (RBCC), Sheffield United FC, Leicester City FC, Aston Villa FC, Cardiff City FC and Edgbaston. By pairing this new considered approach to nutrition and the environment with the fantastic conferencing facilities Levy UK believe they can deliver truly energised days for their clients.


As championed by Compass Group, Levy UK believe that food will define the future more than any other sector – knowing it has the greatest impact on the environment and public health. Global demand for food, even today, has over-stretched the system and is destroying world resources.


This is why Levy UK believe in change and the organisation is encouraging a culinary culture of innovation, particularly for their chefs to create dishes from ingredients that would traditionally have been discarded or underutilised. For instance, cauliflower leaves are being griddled and served as a tasty garnish on top of salads; fruit and vegetable peels, stalks, and pips are turned into pulps and syrups in order for the customer to enjoy every part of the ingredient.


The benefit of all of this is variety. Levy UK’s new Mindful Meetings packages showcase seasonal vegetables and legumes as the star of the show, however they’ll still feature meat options and healthy treats. Understanding food consumption should be about trying new things, and not over eating the same meal night after night. Choice in what one eats is invigorating for the mind, body and soul. 


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