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We’re all social animals. We don’t write books about anthropology here at Lime Venue Portfolio, but we did pay attention at school and we know that one of the key aspects of human behavior is built around our need for social interactions.

It is difficult to find many positives from the current situation we’re all in, but one of them must be the additional value we have collectively placed on human contact. It’s possible to misread the massive jump in the uses of Zoom, Webex, Skype and Google Hangouts, as a move towards ‘connected’ technology. But a deeper exploration tells us something different.

In the beginning, there were exhalations from people who ‘couldn’t believe’ how much you can get done at home; all those peer-to-peer conversations just slowed us down, right? But then the tone moved. We’ve seen new initiatives pushed out; there are virtual coffee breaks, Friday afternoon drinks online, and even ‘dress-up’ days rather than dress down days.

So, what does this tell us? Simply that we value the personal time as much as we value the professional. And that businesses will show endless creativity in the pursuit of personal contact. 

Here at Lime Venue Portfolio, we are more of a ‘touchy-feely’ team; with each other, with customers, with venue clients and of course our family and friends. We’ve always been good at embracing technology and in these tough times, we have relied, like a lot of people, on working digitally. Our 10 am Team LVP Zoom calls are a sight for sore eyes; no makeup, hair scraped up, hoodie’s on! But as time goes by, what we are increasingly starting to miss is the face to face contact with another person.

We all know the person don’t we; quick with a pat on the back, extending high five at every opportunity, the reassuring hand on your hand, the doublehanded handshake for extra emphasis, or the older pro straightening the youngers tie!

Not everyone wants to be touched (and we’re not been creepy!), but it’s something, once denied, that becomes more important. This is where deeper relationships are built (let’s face it, if you’re hugging your customer instead of shaking their hands, you’re closer in your relationship). It's only when we get that chance to be closer, face to face, where we pick up the nuisances of personality and preference. It is where lasting, true connections are created and what we at LVP are so privileged to experience.

This is why people like face to face, and it’s something all the webinars in the world could never replicate. It’s something we’re wired into; apparently, it’s all about pheromones, but that’s a whole different book to read!

There is a saying that we never know what we have until its gone. Well, that is certainly the case here at LVP Towers (or LVP Wired as we’re now calling ourselves). Face to face is being denied to millions of people right now, and when this is all over, we’ll not make up for it by jumping on a conference call, at LVP we’re looking forward to getting back together for a great big #teamlvphug. 

We miss you all dearly, but we will see you again soon. Until then we are at the end of the phone or email whenever you need us. Our opening hours are still 8-6, Mon-Fri. Enquiry or not we’d love to hear from you. Take care and stay safe!