Lime Venue Portfolio is sharing its predictions for the Summer event season and is suggesting that a strong performance in the Summer could reboot the industry for a ‘critical’ Autumn of meetings and events.


Lime Venue Portfolio consists of over 80 venues across the UK, and early booking data from its venues shows the importance of a strong Summer for the events industry. Meanwhile, the brand is also advising caution in the industry’s expectation for the season. “Following the January lockdown, many event organisers had put their programmes back until the Spring, and with the larger events coming back in the Autumn,” comments Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “This absolutely puts the pressure on a productive, and progressive, Summer season.”

“It could be that these events will be the first type to be predominantly outdoors, meaning there will be less issues around distancing, the ability to bring larger numbers together, and there will also be a relaxation amongst delegates because of the vaccine roll out. For us, we have the opportunity to stimulate confidence by executing quality events in the Summer,” continued Jo.

Lime Venue Portfolio sees the Summer as a major ‘re-booting’ opportunity for the industry and the beginning of a return for larger attendance events, most specifically the high-volume bracket of 70-150 delegate events.

Lime Venue Portfolio is also predicting that the confidence taken from summer events will ensure a stronger Autumn season, stimulated by more confident event organisers. The business is also hearing from customers that the need to inspire, reward and motivate staff, customers and clients, will become more and more urgent, and that the Summer season could see parties mixed in with incentive programmes or even outdoor conferences.

“Let’s not delude ourselves, these will be socially distanced events, and there will be restrictions around the meeting, not least food and food service. But summer events are, by their nature, more relaxing, social, and present a pleasant return for face-to-face meetings,” continues Jo. “If we get these events right, they will play a massive role in giving confidence to event organisers for what will be a critical Autumn for everyone in the industry.”