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This meetings and events industry is about to start its comeback story, and it will return quickly, full of the learnings that come from some of the toughest times it has faced in recent history. It will be hungry.

Here’s a few reasons why; the economy is expected to bounce back in 2021; there are quietly positive noises coming out around an early vaccine which will further stimulate markets and inject confidence into consumer behaviours; and, all those people who have been starved of meaningful human connections will be looking to come out of their home offices and into face to face experiences. 

2021 could be a rollercoaster ride that we all need to be ready for. So let’s march on. 

Why March? It's widely predicted that by March 2021, government regulations will allow for meetings of up to 1000 people to take place, thus exponentially growing the size of our industry overnight. It is at that point our, currently limited, industry will be able to flourish. 

So, here at Lime Venue Portfolio, we’re Marching into March ... 

Next Level

March into March is our way of getting the industry prepared for its come back story. These pages are devoted to useful content, gathered from experts and information across the industry, that will help you plan effectively.

We believe that the industry is going to try and cram at least 50% of all of the meetings postponed from 2020, into the first six months of 2021. To do that takes planning. 

We’re working with industry commentators on what they think theses meetings could look like in a ‘post-Covid’ world, with a ‘new-normal’ in place, and with the industry looking to ‘#buildbackbetter’ (#clichecollection). We’ll share the latest advice from government and also some of the consumer behaviour trends which will help you book your meeting with confidence. 

Keep your eye out for more content, and we’ll continue to share the latest studies, opinions and advice.

Keep watching. We’re Marching on March, are you?


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