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A blog from one of our 'friends of LVP' network. Laura Capel-Abra from Stress Matters discusses what it means to adapt to the new normal.

It is safe to say that all of our lives have changed recently.  Some things are going to hopefully go back to normal in a yet-to-be-determined time frame, and others will change forever. 

At the very least, we are all going to have to adapt to a new routine.  Whether that is working from home, having to juggle the kids whilst working at home, not visiting elderly relatives, not travelling for work or having to establish how to find space for your laptop alongside all the stockpiling of toilet rolls you’ve got stashed around your house.  Whatever has changed in your world, it’s going to require you to adapt.

Change makes us feel uneasy, but change is where innovation comes from.  We now all get to create a new routine, no putting it off until tomorrow, we now find ourselves in a situation where we can take stock and hit the reset button today.

So, the big question; What do we want our new normal to look like? Many of us have dreamed about having more time at home, spending more time with our loved ones and some of us may be regretting that is what we wished for!      

If you’re working from home, what is your new routine going to be?

-    When you’re not commuting you are likely to find you’re doing a lot less exercise each day so how can you build in exercise?  Can you do all your calls whilst walking around your house or can you get in a 20-minute HiiT routine first thing in the morning?

-    For those well-established freelancers, you might remember the half-stone you gained when you started working from home?!  Well, it is about to happen to much of the UK! It is very easy when working from home (especially after the stockpiling!) to over-indulge.  Plan your meals and try to keep a good set of healthy snacks to hand rather than turning to biscuits and cakes when you get peckish/bored.  

-    Can you speak with your team every day at the same time?  Can you do a video call and both/all grab a coffee so you can still go for virtual coffees and virtual tea breaks?  There will be part of you that wants to stay in contact so will pick up the phone constantly to your team throughout the day but remember how easy it is to get chatting and distract your colleague (and yourself) from actual work!

-    But alongside that, think about the communication you have with anyone you live with…  Living in close quarters might wear thin pretty quickly so be clear on boundaries and don’t let little things build up, communicate clearly!

-    Boundaries are important to also consider when it comes to the start and end time of your working day.  If you are lucky enough to have a separate space that you can head to for your working day then that’s great, but if not think about if you can create a ritual around the start and finish of your day.  Can you put your laptop in a drawer at the end of the day so it’s out of sight? Or you could go and get changed out of your ‘work clothes’?

Let us know some of your new routines and reach out if you’re struggling to find your new normal and want to speak with one of the team.