Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s the second instalment of our list of 30 superpowers that will be essential to organising knockout conferences in 2019.


16.  Danger Warn like Spider-Man

The ability to identify potentially dangerous situations that could impact attendee safety, and respond to them without causing alarm and anxiety is a top priority at any event. As a result, properties and planners are adding increased security measures to their planning and making security a larger part of the budget. If you want to be ahead of the game (and have the budget ) you could implement biosecurity such as thumbprint and facial recognition technologies.

Otherwise, consider more visible and reassuring security where you may not have before. That could be everything from ID checks to employing security guards at key locations.

17. Have Super Intelligence like Brainiac

What's not cool about knowing literally everything there is to know? Having super intelligence includes knowing the unknowable. Clever data collection, from initial sign up to accurately recording the way attendees travelled through your event with smart flooring is creating some exciting opportunities for event personalisation.

Data collection and analysis is becoming easier than ever and something that happens (nearly) organically; use it to inform your next event from start to finish.

18.  Be Multisensory like Superman

Along with the entire events industry, venues need to continue to explore the potential of the biggest event technology trends, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Attendees are no longer satisfied with the traditional conferencing format. Event organisers need to be engaging attendees by stimulating all of their senses.

You need to be giving attendees experiences that they’ve never had before and more importantly that create surprise and give your event the ‘WOW’ factor.

19. Control the Weather like Storm

In addition to predicting and planning for the inconvenience of bad weather conditions that impact factors such as increased queue pressure, attendee mood and safety. Event Manager Blog suggests building a larger audience with the cloud. You can record your event content digitally to create a real-time collaborative library of learning and encourage everyone at your event to join in.

When people feel involved and are able to express their thoughts and opinions they become more invested in an event and ultimately will feel more inclined to return as they feel that their attendance has truly been valued.

20. Use Cibopathic powers (the ability to get physic impressions from the food you eat) like Tony Chu

Food is becoming a stand out contributor to the positive experiences that attendees have at events. From boosting mood to trying new and exciting flavours, food can really become part of the conference experience itself rather than just a last minute thought. Perhaps not providing physic skills like Tony’s, food can be excellent at communicating to guests that you mean business and have really thought about every aspect of an attendees experience and wellbeing.

The future of food will be the search for authenticity, provenance and sustainability. Venues are responding by hiring executive chefs from the restaurant sector and turning meal breaks into gastronomic experiences that reflect the ethos of an event and the local area becoming real takeaway experiences for attendees that they’ll want to share.

21. Teleport like Nightcrawler

The ability to transport oneself from one place to another is a useful skill. Who wouldn't want to zap themselves between locations with a mere thought? As an events planner, the ability to transport guests to wonderful fantastical places will give your event the stand out factor.

The right decor and theme can really create emotional and unforgettable experiences. From creative projection to LED walls and the use of creative lighting that sets the mood of the event the possibilities are endless. Using live video mapping and drone and camera technology which feed directly into media servers for immersive presentations are set to become the next big things in event tech. Presentations can now completely surround audiences.

22. Use Voice like Banshee

Emitting a powerful sonic boom from the vocal cords and blasting things to kingdom come with the sound of your voice may be a little too much, but if you haven't started using Voice at your events you're missing a trick. Your attendees are more than likely using voice at home and work and will come to expect it at events. In fact, according to Google, in 2016 20% of searches were voice searches. 

Use voice to drive engagement. has suggested linking the ability to read badges with your chatbot or voice assistant so it has all the information about the attendee it needs to be helpful and provide a highly personalised experience.

23.  Be Telekinetic like Luke Skywalker

The ability to move people with your mind is a crucial part of event management. Reaching out and communicating with attendees and potential attendees is a skilled task. You need to completely understand your target market and also the individual needs of each attendee. Event managers need to be emotive and tell a story that moves and motivates, making real connections.

How do you develop those relationships? How do you plan for it and make it worth your while? This is where the tech and data collection you implement is key.

 24. Shapeshift like Mystique

Changing yourself to look like any person, animal or object might seem like a strange concept to apply to events, but your event needs to be everything to everyone.

You need to be thinking about the layout and structure of your event. What do attendees really want to be experiencing on the day? Consider implementing a theme. Themes offer structure, particularly to event planners which can lead to ideas or inspiration and are a useful way to draw elements together.

When planning an event at any level think about how the design, format and layout of the event can be flexible and adaptable to any eventuality. Recognising that something isn't quite working and needs to be tweaked, isn’t a failure, it’s a great way to keep, learning improving and stay ahead of competitors.

25. Multiply like Multiple Man

The ability to create multiple versions of yourself will be key to the success of your event. Whether you're looking to hold your event regularly in the future or expand the number of locations it takes place in you need to have a blueprint that‘s proven to work. You need to ensure that you can provide attendees with an engaging experience in a safe setting that creates a sense of place and belonging.

Self-multiplication will give you the power to take your event to the next level and to a wider audience with unstoppable momentum like Juggernaut.

26. Have Precognition like Dream Girl

The ability to see things before they happen has its uses, and not just for trivial matters. Precognitive abilities will always give you a leg up on every situation in event planning.

Significant advances in data integration and analytics from event technology provide access to attendees likes/interests before, during and after the event can be precisely quantified and then fed back into the customer journey.

27. Reality Warp like the Scarlet Witch

In this digital age, customers want to feel that they’re in control and won't tolerate complacency. Allowing the attendees to change reality as they see fit will ensure that everyone who attends leaves with the experience they wanted. Event organisers can use data about their audience with technologies such as AR and VR to engage delegates with a truly tailored message that connects with them on an emotional level.

Your event needs to respond to specific needs and giving you the chance to immerse your audiences in the experiences that they feel will truly provide them with value and ROI.

28. Have the Healing Factor like Wolverine

It’s important to keep in mind that attendees are searching for conferences that address their needs. They have questions that need answering and areas for development that they want to be developed. Attendees need to leave an event feeling that they have achieved something and now have the information they were looking for. suggests that thinking through the desires of your attendees and finding ways to offer them authentic versions of what they want is key. Attendees want events to reflect their full self. Participants will demand more of this feeling and this specific hero energy because it’s addictive. That hero feeling makes people want to continue to make a difference in the world. This will be a virtuous circle supporting and encouraging more ‘Conferences that Care’ or, more likely, more elements of care and compassion at more events

29. Become Immortal like Kain

Some might see eternal life as a curse, but being immortal in the events sector is key to success. Creating a killer event that people want to attend year after year is a great achievement.

Marketers will tell you that you have three main jobs these days: establishing know, like, and trust. Without any of them, you’ll have difficulty selling tickets. Get this right and you can guarantee that your event will achieve the ultimate superpower - immortality. 


30. And lastly… Use Insect Control like Ant-Man. We’re just joking! But perhaps have a look around for any unwanted little creepy crawlies, just in case.

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