There is a buzz associated with attending a live event. Our industry helps facilitate communication. We help spread the word, help create the very roots of word of mouth discussion and advocacy.

Events in short are a crucial tool for creating momentum and help successful companies get ahead of their competition. 

The buzz associated with attending a live event is most tangible with music, culture and sport; we leave the field, stadium, cinema or theatre with momentum and enthusiasm at its highest. The crowd rev each other up, infectious chatter begins, we all become one behind a shared experience.

As these events spill out onto the street, they fuel conversations in cafes, bars, trains and social media communities. Everyone wants to share, tell their own stories of the event and how they interpreted the experience with people they sat right next to.

It’s one of the reasons why events have a more robust future in the sales and marketing world – we are always in the room. In a similar way to music concerts and shows, a carefully constructed and thoughtfully executed conference can deliver increased optimism, conversation and improve business decision long after the event itself has finished. From an evaluation point of view we can watch reaction, witness awe and see the energy within our delegates spilling out of the event hall. 

At Lime Venue Portfolio, we have long been a champion for company conferences as the ultimate way to create instant momentum within a business or brand. Everyone gets together, they are given important messages in an engaging way. Everyone shares the same experience, and because it is shared, energy comes from the stage, into the audience and is transferred back to the office.

Our ‘Get Ahead …’ campaign embraces this unique energy. If reports are to be read and believed, the only thing we can genuinely expect from 2017 is instability. But we also believe that the events industry isn’t the sort of place that naturally accepts the ‘let’s wait and see’ mentality of many other industries. As a community, it is often said that ‘#eventprofs do stuff’ and the idea of sitting on the side lines waiting just isn’t us.

It’s not really the naturally pace of our customers either. Most brands that use events do so because they embrace dynamism, they want to get up front and personal, and they want immediate, tangible impact. We’re not totally sure they are going to ‘wait and see’ either, and nor should we.

Maybe the buzzwords for 2017 shouldn’t be ‘instability’, but ‘dynamism’ and ‘agility’. As an industry, shouldn’t we be saying to our clients, that if they want to grasp a nettle, get ahead of the competition, or wrestle control of their destiny’s, an event is for them? Surely now is the time for us to underline the immediacy of an event. We can see instant gratification, motivation or purchase, because we’re at an event.

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