We met Elizabeth Quill, Macmillan Cancer Support, to find out…

At International Confex this year, the show opened with a perspective from brands and businesses, the organisations that essentially sit at the top of the events food chain. The reality is that pretty much every event, at some point, needs to be funded or underwritten by these organisations, so it was interesting to see what they thought.

On the panel was Elizabeth Quill, Challenge Events Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, and it’s nice to know she shares our view on the world of events and experiences.

“Events fundraising is a vital income stream for charities. What we’re asking is for people to part with their hard-earned cash or spend their time gathering sponsorship. In return we want to give them the best experience possible.”

 Charities use events all the time, be it fundraising banquets where tickets are sold for an amazing evening experience, to sporting events where competitors fundraise, or make donations as part of the ticket price.

“It’s a tough market and the charity takes on a lot of risk. We wonder if the numbers will be reached that mean we get a return on the event, if the people that pledge to raise money meet their goals, that everyone will buy a ticket!” continues Elizabeth. “It’s difficult to predict but the rewards are excellent and the contribution of our events programme to the work we do is incredibly important.”

The session at Confex finished with a few brands looking at more shared risk between businesses and the events industry, something close to Elizabeth’s heart.

          “This is a confident industry that believes in what it does. If event professionals were able to share the risk we                 take on every time we do the event or agree to become a charity partner, there would be more incentive for us to            be bolder as well.”


Lime Venue Portfolio recently hosted the London Special Events Forum at HMS Belfast, Special Event Managers from a wide variety of Charities coming together to share best practice in subjects such as product strategy techniques; event investment returns, partnership journeys.

The room was full of a strong ‘can-do’ mentality, creative individuals with open minded approaches to ensure new and fresh event experiences.

It re-emphasised the point that companies do need to consider, what rewards can we give back, what incentives can we put in place to ensure this important sector continues to invest in our industry?

For our own part we’ve recently launched the Lime Venue Portfolio Charity Partner Programme, a promotion that offers preferential rates for charities, gives them a specific account management resource and a 5% cash back donation on the F&B cost of the event. We even give a raffle prize, e.g. an amazing experience in one of our venues.

It’s a start, one that we’re really proud of, and hopefully it encourages more of these important organisers to use events to ensure all parties meet their goals.

Lime Venue Portfolio Charity Program

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