In our most recent venue review bites, Angela Clarke from Inntel attended 'to have an experience' at Hatfield House

Venue Review by... Inntel 

As soon you turn the corner from the spacious car park you are greeted by a splendid view of the Old Palace. As you approach the main house, you walk past the fountain; a magnificent piece of modern sculpture. Then venture onto the beautiful Jacobean family home of the Cecil family – otherwise known as Hatfield House!

Hatfield House has a very historic feeling, especially when wandering through all of the rooms, which included the dining room, the long hall, the armory room, the chapel, the library and the kitchens. It was fantastic to follow where the greats of British history have trodden over the centuries. We also paid a visit to the family church opposite. Whilst we chose a personal audio guide for the show round every room had a member of staff available for any questions we may have. All the staff were very knowledgeable and very happy to help us.

I would definitely recommend this venue to event planners, along with being a beautiful Tudor house steeped in history with beautiful surroundings, there is a state of the art conference facilities. They offer a variety of packages according to your specific requirements. If you’re a fan of Queen Elizabeth I and the Tudors and Stuarts, or somewhere with glorious surroundings, this is a fantastic place to hold your meeting or event. Furthermore the outside space would be perfect for team building.

Overall we loved exploring the Old House, which is steeped in British history. It was a pleasure to stroll through the beautiful hedged gardens and grounds. I particularly remember this is where Queen Elizabeth 1st found out that she was now the new Queen of England.


Venue Review By... Banks Sadler

Very grand, beautiful Tudor house! 

The atmosphere was really nice - grand without being too ostentatious. A lovely little courtyard area and stunning gardens. Real sense of history. 

We were made to feel extremely welcome by all of the staff and it made a wonderful impression.

The food and drink offering was very generous - coffee and cakes in the morning and then a cream team in the afternoon. All very tasty! 

I would absolutely recommend the venue! It would be a wonderful choice for a gala dinner or a conference somewhere a bit different. This would make a great impression on delegates. 

The highlight of my experience was walking through the house gardens. They were so beautiful! 


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