Venue Review By... Banks Sadler 


Trip to Edinburgh Zoo

As we arrived at Edinburgh Zoo I was immediately whisked off on my tour. It was a small zoo, but in a positive way! The atmosphere was lovely, it seemed like very family friendly and not over commercial; perhaps it had something to do with the time of year we went as a lot of the concessions were shut.

The majority of our day was spent visiting all the great animals that are at the Zoo; we absolutely loved the penguins, chimpanzees and the tiger!


The Service

The staff were fantastic; wherever we went they were very friendly and kind.  There was one lady in the restaurant that was welcoming and really engaged with the boys, which was a nice touch. There was one young member of staff that did all the talks that day at the Chimpanzees, African Wild Dogs, Penguin and Rhino enclosures. His welcoming and knowledgeable demeanor made you want to listen to everything he had to say about the animals.


The Food

Lunch was served in the restaurant which was delicious, fresh and the staff were particularly friendly. It must have been long over an hour that we sat back and relaxed, catching our breath. It was so nice and we weren’t pressured to hurry along.

The food and drink was a superb offering all around.  The hot chocolate and cakes at Penguin café were lovely and the restaurant we ate at had delicious food!  My salmon salad was fresh and tasty, although rather petite! My suggestion for the zoo would be to provide large food portions.


Edinburgh Zoo for meetings and events

I would definitely recommend the venue to event planners; the options are so varied, it really opens up the ideas you can give your clients.  Indoor and outdoor options for strategic away days to family fun days – they have it all.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a specific meeting or event that would work well at the venue as there are a number of different events we could offer Edinburgh Zoo as a solution. 

I couldn’t give a highlight of the day, as it was all brilliant! It was so much fun and would definitely go back. Thank you to the team for offering these days, they are a great way to see venues and spend time with the family. Win-win!




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