Everyone has a favourite dish or pudding that they simply can’t resist at Christmas time. We asked #TeamLVP about their fave Christmas treats and tipples to indulge in during the December months, so we have to advise: do not read this article on an empty stomach!

Jo Austin 
"My favourite Christmas food is turkey and homemade bread sauce. Why? Because we only have it on Christmas day and the smell is just pure Christmas. Cloves, nutmeg & bay leaves in a buttery creamy sauce – delicious!"

Roast Turkey


Kerry Wright 
"My favourite Christmas food is sprouts! They are so under-rated, probably one of the tastiest vegetables around – even my 13 year old son loves them! It’s how they are cooked and served that makes a difference!  My mom always cooks them on Christmas day – steams them then tosses them in butter with some bacon bits and chestnuts – yummy! There should be a campaign '#sproutsarenotjustforchristmas'."



Julia Simpson 
"My favourite Christmas food is Christmas Pudding -  but only if I find ‘a penny or a pound’! Why? As a small child Christmas was a magical family event. We always had a traditional Christmas Lunch, fish for the starter, turkey for main course and Christmas Pudding for dessert. The reason why we left room for dessert wasn’t only because it was usually homemade and delicious but we might be the lucky one to be served the slice with the penny in it!

It all started with my Grandad, we all were eating our Christmas Pudding when he suddenly started coughing and then magically there were hundreds of pennies crashing down all over his plate!! WOW how many coins were in his slice!!! For a good few years Grandad ALWAYS managed to find the slice with loads of pennies whereas we all found one penny if we were lucky! Eventually I realised Grandad had them in his hand all along! Still to this day we always pop a coin in the Christmas Pudding before serving and always raise a glass to our wonderful Grandad when the lucky person shouts ‘I’ve got it!’ #memories #childhood "


Maria Scullion
"Orange Matchmakers and Amaretto mulled wine are my Christmas treats. I will literally eat a whole box of matchmakers to myself in 24 hours over Christmas! Alcohol wise, I love an Amaretto mulled wine (not this year of course!) or a Baileys, which I only drink at Christmas."

Mulled Wine


Jo Kenny 
"My Christmas treat is a glass of champagne. We love spending Christmas with our family and always toast with a glass of delicious champagne . This year we will be drinking champagne that we purchased from a cave in Reims when we were there for our summer holiday."



Deborah Simons 
"My Christmas dish would be Prawn Cocktail for starters because of my dad’s homemade sauce! It has to be iceberg lettuce, a slice of lemon, King Prawns and then THE sauce (mayonnaise, tomato sauce and dad’s favourite tipple - whiskey!)"

Prawn Cocktail


Emma Devey 
"Prawn Cocktail It is my favourite Christmas food as it reminds me of my nan. When I was living at home I would always make it for us all and always give my Nan the biggest one, she just loved it. I made it with iceberg lettuce, slice of cucumber and 2 triangles of brown bread and lots of sauce."


Kiera-Marie Rafter 
"Pigs in Blankets are my fave at Christmas. It’s like an extra special addition to your normal Sunday dinner, it’s the piggy equivalent of the icing on the cake!"


Emma Bullas 
"Bacon wrapped turkey is my Christmas favourite. I have memories of my Nan wrapping the bacon around a giant turkey each year and basting it all many times throughout the morning filling the house with amazing smells whilst we opened all our presents, all resulting in making the most crispy, moist and tastiest turkey ever each year! Yum!"


Jenner Carter 
"My Christmas weakness is Christmas pudding. When I was younger I used to make homemade Christmas puddings with my nan every year. Making Christmas pudding is one of my earliest memories - standing on a stool to reach the kitchen work surface, stirring in the black treacle and then licking the spoon afterwards! Every year when the flaming Christmas pudding is brought to the table, it reminds me of good times. A shop bought one can never compare!"

Christmas Pudding


Flora Donnelly
"It’s a tricky decision as advent calendar chocolate is so delicious! But for me, it has to be parmesan baskets.

My mum tried it out as a starter for our Christmas meal many years ago, and my sister and I have never let her change it since. The parmesan is grated and melted under the grill on baking parchment and then moulded around a bowl or teacup as it cools. Flip it over and you have a parmesan basket to hold some crème fraiche and horse radish sauce, croutons, mozzarella, rocket, plum tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze and you can add prosciutto for the meat eaters. Thank me later!"


Parmesan Cheese

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