It’s all very well us Lime Venue Portfolio folk feeding you morsels of interesting information on the world of events here on our blog. But every once in a while, it’s good to get another opinion or two. In this case, we’re backing up our own insights on summer trends, with those of the excellent folk at Mango Pie. When it comes to Summer Events, they really come into their own, and produce creative and beautiful events for all sorts of companies, big and small.


So, as a little combination piece, here’s part two of Summer Trends, this time from an organisers perspective…


Mandy Mahil, Director of Mango Pie & Órlaith Donnelly, Event Assistant at Mango Pie


Make it small; make it personal

Hosting a small event makes guests feel like they are part of a special, personal experience. You can use small, intimate venues as well as the bigger ones. Choosing the perfect venue is therefore one of the key elements to a successful event. The great thing about throwing a party for a small number of people is that you can utilise some really unusual, quirky spaces within a venue.


Make it ‘Instagramable’

“Do it for the ‘Gram”, “Instagramable” and “If it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen?” are all phrases we are familiar with in this day and age. People go to great lengths in order to capture an Instagram-worthy snap that will rake in the likes and gain them new followers.

Encourage guests to use a certain hashtag that followers can use to see photos specifically from your event. Who knows, it might even start trending?!

A bespoke-made photo opportunity wall which guests can pose in front of and plaster all over social media is a great way to create an “instagramable” moment. Flower walls are the big craze at the minute, particularly in the Spring/Summer months. And why not go that extra mile and ensure that your flower wall is both great to look at and eco-friendly? London-based Posy and Pot handcraft incredibly beautiful and realistic flowers from sustainable materials. Although one thing to remember about paper flowers is they are a risky choice for an outdoor event!

 Posy and Pot

Being sustainable and eco-friendly

Given the increasing focus on climate change, being more environmentally friendly is an anticipated trend for upcoming events. More and more venues and restaurants are replacing plastic straws with alternatives such as paper or bamboo.  Little Cherry are an eco-friendly party and event supplies provider based in Brentford. They offer a range of biodegradable products from organic bamboo tableware to premium sugarcane bagasse tableware.


Little Cherry


Summer Bites

In order to throw a summer party to remember, it is important to create meaningful interactions – and at the heart of this is food. Think about how the presentation of your food will provoke conversations amongst your guests - Charcuterie platters, interactive food stations, mobile bars and food trucks.



Planning For A Very British Summer

One worry on everyone’s minds when it comes to planning summer receptions in Britain is, of course, the weather. Whilst this no doubt hinders the process, it shouldn’t put you off completely.


If you want to earn extra brownie points with your guests, consider stocking items that are going to make them more comfortable if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Umbrellas and ponchos are a good option and means that guests have something practical to take away at the end of the night.



About Mango Pie

Mango Pie are a team of event planners working across London and the UK. Founded in 2007 from a flat in Forest Hill, the last 11 years have seen many achievements for the company.

At Mango Pie, we strive to be ever conscious of our colleagues and surroundings. As of 2018, we are a fully paperless company, functioning purely from iPads and cloud systems. Where possible, we try to support small, local businesses, which often give the flexibility and care which larger companies may not be able to provide. Considering the roots of Mango Pie, it is important that we support others through similar journeys. 

We believe that every event has a purpose and every design should have a personality. We believe in saying no to projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly meaningful and important to us. Above all, we believe that the memories created at each event should last a lifetime, not just one night.


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