Over lunch we hear you say? Yes, that’s right, we’ve decided to change the title of these regular industry interviews. We’re doing this for three reasons; firstly, we’re usually catching up with these leaders over lunch, or at least over a nibble of sorts because, well hey – reason two; we’re a food brand, and sometimes – reason three – ‘Over Lunch with …’ feels a lot more relaxed than a formal interview, which these discussions usually are.

Usually relaxed that is except for this one, for the simple reason that next week is our Beyond Conference and we’re playing #eventprof as well as grateful host venues. The good news is that we’ve bought in the professionals to help, and that’s why we’re speaking to Jacob Scroby Account Manager at the Eventologists, one of our partners in making Beyond, beautiful. Eventologists are a key partner in the theming and production for Beyond, they are very, very good, but we are only a week out and we want everything to be perfect when over 100 event professionals arrive at Edgbaston Cricket Ground next week (19th October).

So, as we gulp down a latte with Jacob, we asked what Beyond means to him? “Beyond means looking positively to the future, the exciting expectations of the event journey, advances in technology, the must haves at events and the obstacles presented on the way,” comments Jacob, and we’re instantly delighted he is coming; this is not just the perfect conference for Eventologists to be working with, the content will be right up his street. So, what is he most looking forward to from the conference? “I’m looking forward to hearing about what LVP has planned for the next ten years and on, to hear how they have achieved this momentous landmark and having done so in a sometimes difficult industry and profession,” awwww shucks Jacob! It has been a pretty amazing 10 years for the brand, but we promise to not just blow our own trumpet for the entire day, the content is about the world not us! … (sorry, who left that C&IT Award lying around?)

However, we’ve been cheerleaders for the best events for a long time and we want to practice what we preach, which is why we’re working with Eventologists. They are an incredibly creative agency that understands brands, messages and how to bring them to life in a live environment. So, what have they got planned for Beyond Jacob? “Eventologists always aim to impress, we love impressing ourselves, but most of all exceeding expectations. We spend time with the clients and really get to understand their ideas and how they wish to portray this in the event theming. We have some great ideas for the décor and really hope to deliver, but I can’t give much away!”

Darn, we thought that ‘Over Lunch with …’ meant we could coerce more gossip from our guest, it seems the only way #eventproffs, can get a look at both Eventologists and our lovely content, is to (heck-hem) come along to Beyond ...

Back to the expert probing of Jacob though, how is it working with Edgbaston or other unique venues, what do they offer an agency like yours? “With Edgbaston, we are always greeted with a happy face. We’re able to build positive relationships with many different venues as we always respect them first and foremost. It’s easy to come across many event suppliers who’s lack of care is disheartening, whereas we know that it is always beneficial to be courteous, and friendly, and willing to help out whoever needs it.” It’s a fair point, and one many of our customers would agree with; these are special venues, and our clients always seem to understand the responsibility of working with them as opposed to a more functional venue.

So, lastly, a bit of self-indulgence, LVP is 10 years old this year, how far has this unique and unusual venue market come in that time? “Events are all about experiences, they are created to leave a long-lasting impression. It is no mean feat for LVP to have gone from strength to strength, so successfully over the last 10 years, and the role of unique and unusual venues in creating great experiences must be part of the reason for this success,” says Jacob. Good point!

OK, back to work, we’ve got a conference to create and some more memories of our own to make!

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