In our opinion (and thanks to the unique and unusual venues market) event organisers are spoilt for choice when it comes to professional, interesting, and effective meetings and events venues. Yes, there are sometimes times when the perfect venue is in the wrong city, or the perfect date clashes with another event, but on the whole, it’s a pretty good venue landscape that event organisers can choose from, and it’s always growing, changing and evolving.


So, how do you separate the venue you want from so many great options? Well, our good friends at the Meetings Industry Association (mia) put the top three ‘differentiators’ as price, location and accessibility. Or, in layman’s terms, what will it cost, where is it, and how difficult is it to find and get in to! Recently however, the involvement of people and staffing of the event venue has grown massively, and more often than not, an event organiser who has a truly collaborative relationship with the venue team will overlook even functional issues to stay with them.


After that, and not completely separate from it, we have the folk at the International Live Event Association (ILEA), who talk about branding and brand alignment; does the venue have geographic, emotional, or historic value similarities with the event booker’s business or the content they are looking to put on stage?


This idea of values is where we see health and wellbeing sitting. People buy people, and the people we most get along with, and work best with, are those that share the same values as us. A venue that takes the health and wellbeing of the delegates they host may have so much more to offer the event than one that doesn’t. A venue that goes that extra mile and invests in making sure the event organiser themselves is also cared for, from a health and wellbeing point of view, sounds like an even better option for all. After all, according to Forbes magazine, ‘event coordinator’ remains in the top five most stressful vocations to get into.


It’s for this reason that everyone at Lime Venue Portfolio, in partnership with our venues, is especially focused on health and wellbeing, and has been for some time. With us it starts with food, and making sure that healthy and non-alcoholic options were available to support delegates looking to take a healthier stance. However, health isn’t all about food, it’s also about movement and mind as well. That’s why in January we’re running a Boot Camp for event professionals and encouraging activity as well as nutrition, if the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’ has any truth to it, we all need to be a little more sedentary, especially at a conference!


We’ve got some amazing coaches to come to the Boot Camp and we’ve been supported by World Obesity, to make sure we promote best practices. We’re also supporting wellness and giving both our event organising customers and their delegates as much support as we can to rest their minds when on site and their bodies afterwards.


It’s not the main reason you’ll choose a Lime Venue Portfolio venue, but hopefully it’s another good reason to.


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