You’re a newbie in #TeamLVP, but how long have you worked in the events industry?
21 years having started as Sales Executive with World Trade Conferences in 1998

Tell us about your role?
As National Sales Manager, my customers are the MICE Agents across the UK.  There are a number of them that are Preferred Partners with LVP and then many that we work with on the Agency Partner Program too.  In total I have approximately 120 accounts to manage!  Then there are the 91 venues that are my Clients and look to me to assist them in getting closer to the Agencies in order to drive business into their properties and vice versa!  Its fabulous and I love it!

The best part of your job/the industry?
Only 5 weeks in at LVP so far however I have always said that it is the people I am lucky to work and have worked with, both clients & colleagues alike, that help make this great industry what it is.

What is your favourite film and why?
I have 2, both with Ray Winstone!  One of his earliest if not first ever film called SCUM and then the other called Sexy Beast - very different films to say the least!  The first about Borstal life and him being ‘The Daddy’, with the second a complete reversal showing him enjoying the Costa Del Sol life as a retired thief being lured out for one last ‘job’ by a slightly unhinged Ben Kingsley with some classic scenes, and both films most definitely not for the faint hearted!!

What do you enjoy the most about working with venues, agents and businesses?
Great question! Working with so many amazing venues and getting to see them is one thing.  Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, it has been brilliant to work with so many of the agents over this time and become close friends with many whereby business becomes secondary and the relationship more important as the trust has been built up to recognise what works for both them and the venues as well as the important ingredient, the end client.  Give them the recommendations for success as opposed to just taking the business when it may not be the right business for both venue, agent or client.

What motivates you?
Fortunately I have a great social and friends network and am motivated to live life each day being happy.  Nothing stresses me out.  I am very relaxed and calm so wake up with a smile every morning, even before having my first 5 shot latte of the day!!

Favourite restaurant?
Beni-Hana in Piccadilly, London - Japanese Teppanyaki OR Sam Seltzer in Kissimmee (Florida) - home of the 32oz Prime Rib Steak! Lush.

What are the benefits of showcases and site visits?
The best way to ‘sell’ something is to see it in action, almost like a try before you buy scenario and by hosting a showcase or site visit, you are able to give the client a ‘real life experience’ so that they walk away knowing exactly what you are able to give them.  It also is an opportunity to enhance an existing or even new relationship too by allowing you to demonstrate your understanding of the client needs and requirements, whether it be showing them the rooms they will use or more of a menu tasting to demonstrate the creativity behind it.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I was a professional footballer (goalkeeper) with Barnet FC from 1986-91 and then Birmingham City 92-93.

Won’t leave home without?
My phone and a double espresso!

Why are associations important when it comes to setting industry standards?
We all need governing bodies and a code of conduct to abide by.  We are set apart by the honesty & integrity by which we work.

If you could visit any iconic venue in the world, where would it be and why?
The Twin Towers and wonder ‘Why?’

What excites you about the events industry looking at what lies ahead in 2019?
The fact that unique and unusual venues are being requested more & more by clients as we move forwards because they want that WOW factor and being part of LVP, I’m in the right place to help them achieve this!

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