With all the World Cup 2018 ‘team spirit’ flying around, we’ve been inspired to introduce you to our own amazing team with a monthly 'Meet the Team' Q&A session.  This will help you get to know the key contacts within the business a little better, and how we can help to make your event stand out from the rest. 

Julia Simpson is a Key Account Director at Lime Venue Portfolio and her role involves looking for new meeting and event opportunities for the venue portfolio. Keep reading to find out more about Julia's role at LVP...


How long have you worked with LVP?
It will be 10 years in November – time flies!


Tell us about your role?
A very pro-active role, looking for new meeting and event opportunities for the venue portfolio. My working day varies from week to week, I can be in the office making calls, I can be on the road to customer appointments or onsite at a venue providing a showcase networking event. I also manage key accounts for the group and this will then involve customer reviews, analysis of management information plus ensuring all booking processes are as smooth and easy as possible (consolidation of terms and conditions / central booking / payment terms etc.). A truly varied role!


Best business advice you’ve been given?
‘Be nosey - knowledge is everything!’


What do you enjoy most about your job? 
Meeting people who are as passionate about their meeting and events as I am about our venues. Whether it is talking to a new customer or someone who has used our venues for a number of years – passion to ensure everything is ‘just right’ is so rewarding.


What is your favourite meal?
Anything with fish!


What’s the best thing about the LVP Fam trips?
You are going to have a ‘unique experience’! We have the best portfolio of venues – they are iconic, historic, old and new. We like to ensure guests have an experience from the invitation to the goodbye – we like to think of everything so the guests can enjoy the trip but also have meaningful takeaways – it is the legacy of the fam trip that is important!


What motivates you?
Helping others – friends, family, colleagues and customers alike.  


Karaoke song of choice?
I am not really a Karaoke kinda girl, however, you may hear me singing to Adele, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Santana…


Why would you recommend venues to hold showcases?
A showcase is a window of opportunity! It is a great way to get to know customers and colleagues alike as well as providing an experience of what the venue is able to offer. Networking face to face is key in this world of digital communications, nothing beats a face to face relaxed conversation.


Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I used to live in Australia when I was a child – falling into a cactus bush and nearly treading on a snake in Alice Springs still haunt me to this day!


Best dining experience at one of LVP’s venues?
Bristol Zoo Gardens – With its own entrance and name, The Clifton Pavilion is the dedicated area within Bristol Zoo for meetings and events. All events give back to the central cause of the Zoo i.e. conservation, but the spaces are focussed on events even having a tiered auditorium! However, it is the close proximity to the Zoo that elevated a team-build afternoon ‘BBQ’ to a ‘Roaring Team legacy’. The Garden Room has an enclosed patio area adjacent to the Zoo gardens. The view from the patio hints at the wonders beyond but it is the sounds … the squawking of the flamingos, the ‘oooing’ of the monkeys and the best noise ‘the ROAR’ of the lions. Why travel all the way to Africa when you can have the sounds, smells and sights on our doorstop in Bristol. I now have an amazing ‘ROAR’ of a lion impression – not quite what my appointments expect!


Who's next?
Next month we will be speaking with Emma Devey, one of our Meetings & Events Consultants. If you have any questions you'd like us to consider for next month's Q&A, send them across to the marketing team at


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