In our latest blog, Jo Austin, Sales Director for Lime Venue Portfolio, reflects on the state of the unique and unusual venue market:

“In 2017 I talked about the importance of those in the unique and unusual venue category taking more of a leadership role, and making the transition from ‘new kids on the block’ to the established norm within the industry.

With the release of our latest 2018 Unique and Unusual report, I was delighted to hear the comments of so many industry leaders about the unusual venue sector, from its role as a reason to have meetings in Britain, to its high standards and professionalism. For me it only underlines the appetite the industry has for this market.

The subject of standards is one very close to my heart, and it’s something we strive for every day throughout the portfolio. I was therefore thrilled to see that the sector most often choosing unusual venues is the corporate audience. This is really significant for all of us. As a brand, Lime Venue Portfolio have long been a cheerleader for ‘better’ meetings, and for those organisers who, by choosing a special venue, are already seeking to elevate the impact of their event. It should be no surprise that brands look to our venues to make a statement for their business from the word go.

One of the other statistics that struck me in reading the 2018 UKCAMS report this year was the popularity unusual venues have amongst ‘local’ audiences. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people want an experience that highlights its locality; businesses have a sense of pride in their local icons – be they sporting or cultural. However, this locality shouldn’t be misunderstood as ‘regional’. In an industry that is global in nature, we should remember that UK businesses want a ‘local’ venue as well, be it the home of England Rugby or a former seat of a Queen.

Our business has roots firmly in the UK but, as we look to take on more of a leadership profile, those in the UK should look abroad for inspiration. I read with interest the ibtm World Trends Report and, throughout every territory on the planet, meetings, events and incentive programmes are looking to move from operationally-led to creatively-led; from event to experience.

This should excite us in the unusual venue market. We stand for experience, and it’s shown in the 2018 UKCAMS report that our types of venues are becoming a close ally to brands. We therefore absolutely represent event organisers who want to make memories as well as meetings.”

Take a look at the full Unique and Unusual report here:

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