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Every month, all of us at Lime Venue Portfolio get incredibly excited about a sector of the market, and in May we’ve been thinking a lot about incentives. It may be because this is a sector of the market that is enjoying a lot of success at the moment. Despite historically being a slave to flat or downward economic factors, it seems that there are a number of agencies that are bucking the trend and encouraging corporate businesses to use incentives more tactically, and get better returns. In short, because of the work they are doing, incentives are becoming a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’.

One of these agencies is Wildgoose, a frequent visitor to many of our venues within the Lime Venue Portfolio, so we asked Ryan, their very clever Head of Business Development to explain how they are going about their business these days. Before we did though, we thought we owed Ryan at least the chance to show off a little about what is becoming a real purple patch for the business; we started by asking him to tell us about the agency; “Wildgoose are the leading providers of employee engagement events and team activities worldwide. We have a range of solutions that enable teams to have fun, engage and learn how to be effective in the workplace. Using our award-winning technology, we create experiential team challenges hosted through our versatile app, using customised client content, interactive maps, augmented reality, GPS and image recognition technology.”

This isn’t hyperbole either though, Wildgoose are backing up Ryan’s words with action, and the company recently posted some pretty impressive financial results; we asked what the secret was to their success? “We ensure we employ the right people, who work hard, get involved and are team players. We also ensure we're at the forefront of technology - we never sit still and are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve,” said Ryan.

This success is also built around the company being able to encourage businesses to use incentives more, we asked Ryan, how they go about doing this: “Nowadays, a job is about more than just a salary. Employees want to feel valued, motivated and appreciated in their day-to-day working life,” added Ryan. “Incentives and team days are what differentiates a business from its competition, helping them attract better staff. Regular team activity days’ help build a happier, more productive company culture - ensuring staff are retained, engaged and motivated.” 

Another of the company’s growth tactics is to move from a business that is not just about summer events, Ryan added: “Our summer season is still very busy as we love getting people outdoors if we can - but we have a huge indoor offering that covers graduate programmes, learning and development, company kick-offs as well as Christmas parties.” It seems the guys can turn their hand to most things that bring staff together. At Lime Venue Portfolio, we talk a lot about event convergence so wanted to see how far Wildgoose are looking at other forms of meeting. “We do get involved with mainstream aspects of corporate meetings, as our technology is versatile and can be tailored to suit a range of objectives including conferences. We have an immersive conference solution called 'Interactive Meetings' which aims to weave innovative technology throughout a conference to captivate delegates attention, unlock ideas and provide insight.”

Interactive meetings are what it’s all about, and we’re happy to be cheerleaders of anyone who wants to make meetings and events that little more engaging and a lot better. Wildgoose are clearly representative of a new age of incentive agency that is boosting value for everyone, we salute them!



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