There is so much in a name. A ‘banquet’ for instance; it engenders a degree of prestige, of opulence, finest dining among friends and colleagues. Grandeur, decadence, indulgence.  

A banquet is a celebration, and the medium of delivery is food and drink, a gathering among like-minded people. A beautiful statement venue, great entertainment, subtle lighting, good conversation.

How often we wrongly throw banquets alongside other occasions; Award Ceremonies, Christmas Parties, End-of-Year Conferences etc. We do this at our peril, and we make the mistake of misunderstanding the very different experiences of the guest.

Lime Venue Portfolio host beautiful banquets, parties and award ceremonies across our stunning venues; be they in the regal surroundings of Hatfield House, the inspirational surroundings of Twickenham, or even the wilder settings of Bristol or Edinburgh Zoo.

Did you know that approximately 42% of all event feedback is based around food? And this isn’t always about the food on the plate, it is also about when it arrives, how it arrives, and how it fits into the event experience.

An award ceremony must prioritise the content first, the food must then underline and complement the event, how it should run and how it can add to the experience of every delegate, not just those individuals who are nominated for the awards.

Banquets are different. The conversation is usually surrounding the food, it’s a conversation starter; the serving of the food ignites new conversation, or bridges the gaps in existing discussions. It fuels the guests as well as feeds them.

Alex Hazell, Director, Marketing & Events at the Up Group, organises many celebratory events and comments; “Food is an opportunity, and one that is easy to forget about. To every delegate it will mean something; a talking point, a filler for the wine, something to calm the nerves. I work really closely with the chefs to help them understand the mind-set of the guests. They can then advise on how the service and the menu is constructed to best suit the tone of the event.”

Great food knows its place in an event, be it front and centre or supporting in the wings.


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