I’ve heard a lot about Manchester based Make Events Director, Holly Moore, from our team at the Imperial War Museum North. Our Sales Manager at the venue, Liam Potter has developed a strong relationship with Make Events team and is quick to wax lyrical about their ability to deliver creative events that maximise the uniqueness of his venue.


So it was about time, that we had a chat to Holly to find out a bit more about the company.

With a background ranging from Operations, to Event Sales, and Business Development in an Event Management company, Holly Moore founded Make Events in 2012. For the next four years the company grew thanks to Holly's wide ranging background giving her the ability to understand the market and offer something unique. Crucially this means Make Events has a great amount of respect from venues, suppliers and clients alike thanks to Holly's deep understanding of all of their roles.


Lime Venue Portfolio: For those that don’t know, please can you give us an introduction about yourselves and what you do in a nutshell? 

Holly Moore: We are Make Events a North West based agency delivering events globally.  We specialise in Company Awards, Conferences, Celebrations and Venue Finding.


LVP: And, what sort of clients do you have the pleasure of working with?

HM: We work with the FMCG market, IT, Travel, On Line finance sectors frequently but also privately owned companies over 200 employees who want to invest in employee engagement.


LVP: Exciting sectors to work with, but challenging too, with no shortage of competition. It’s crucial in such a market to offer something unique. What is it you offer that make your clients choose you?

HM: That’s very true and as such it’s important that are customers are always happy with our service. So the great thing about us, is that we are highly creative! There is no off the shelf package and we don't do boring! We have digital design and content, a talent scout and prop making all in house, so we are really able to dig deep into a company’s brand and design something they wouldn't get elsewhere.


LVP: That sounds like a really tailored offer. I am sure you’ve had some really quite unique briefs then?

HM: We certainly have. On project we worked on was a celebration that we called Magic Moments. Something magical happened from the moment guests received their invitation to moment they left the event.  Magic moments included a performance from Ronan Keating; a full show with Kylie Minogue; a flash mob 13 piece orchestra posing as guests; then at the end all the flowers from the main dining room had been dismantled and we had set up a flower market so each guest got a bouquet on the way out…all whilst been serenaded by Son of Pitches from BBC's Naked Choir.

It was a truly memorable event and one I am proud to have created.


LVP: At LVP we also believe in creating memorable events and in our opinion, the choice of venue can really help deliver this objective. As Make Events also provide venue finding services, when you’re looking for a venue for events you’re planning, what are the key elements you look for?

HM: The key for us is taking the brief from our client and really understanding not only what they physically need to accommodate but also their objectives - only when you have that full brief can you look for your venue. 

So for us it has to tick all the client's boxes first and foremost.  We also say to clients the creative process can't begin until the venue is selected - our design is so bespoke we have to embed the venues features and capabilities from the outset.


LVP: Do you enjoy organising events at unusual venues?

HM: Yes! One of the best ones was the first event Manchester PA of the Year Awards which we held at the IWM North.  Our budget was tight on our first year and so the fact that the brand could be projected around the space was key to our decision.  Where else could you have an immersive digital branding experience at such an affordable cost? 


LVP: IWM North is certainly a unique venue. Have you worked with any of our other venues and how do you find working with us? 

HM: We love it at Make Events as we can go to a central department to save us time and look at all your offerings to meet our brief. 


LVP: Well that’s a great description of how we try to help. To conclude our little tête-à-tête, as someone with such a broad background in the events industry and someone who has founded their own company, we think your top tips are going to be great reading… 

HM: Thank you! We’ll firstly I would say, learn the industry. Immerse yourself in all that you can - be prepared to learn the lingo too! Be prepared to start from the bottom and do all the "rubbish" jobs and know that that doesn't stop when you are at the top - you will still need to clean toilets! Get to know as many venues by location as you can and be in the know - you need to know before the client does! 


Thanks Holly – some wise words indeed. As they say knowledge is power and with great knowledge comes great responsibility.

Good luck for the future, I’m sure you’ll go from strength to strength,

Please click here for more information on Make Events.

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