Understanding what your exhibitors are looking for at your event is critical to providing the right services and choosing the right exhibition venue.

Below, we run through the main points from Display Wizard’s research into exhibitor priorities in a brand new infographic and explore what conclusions can be drawn to make sure your event communications and sales can be effective.

The biggest overall trend from the data is that return on investment for exhibitors is paramount. Communicating and measuring this return on investment can be supported throughout the full exhibition cycle, from planning and marketing, to activity at the venue, through to following up leads.

Quality of visitors and cost are the two key factors for brands when choosing an exhibition event  so communicating the value of their investment in the event is really important. How can you be transparent on the quality of attendees, and the sales that previous exhibitors has generated?

With the findings below, you can also calculate key points in the exhibitors marketing schedule to support them in their efforts. Making sure businesses are supported in this stage, and following up leads after the event are both critical to giving exhibitors value for money. With email being the most popular form of following up leads, GDPR might have a huge impact on the ability for exhibitors to successfully follow up event leads, and convert them into sales. How will that affect the perceived value of an exhibition to them?

Take a lot at the rest of the findings below, and let us know your thoughts. How do you think this data will change in the next 12 months?

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