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Looking back on 2016, and then forward into 2017, the only real certainty can be uncertainty! As I write this we’re still feeling reverberations around Brexit, the US Presidential Election, and the ongoing affect this will have on trade, imports, transportation and the big one … confidence.

At Lime Venue Portfolio we’ve always been a confident brand. We’ve been working in one of the most dynamic areas of the events industry – unique venues – and have benefitted from many of the market trends that have seen experience creation marry to unusual venues. I don’t see this slowing down at all, only accelerating.

However, we’d be wrong to see the quality and significance of our own sector without understanding the dilemmas our own customers face to today. In most respects, uncertainty is not a friend of businesses and brands, and we’ll need to see if they continue to put their investment into live. We’ll be busy shouting about the benefits of what we do; our industry is built around communication and relationships, both of which will be critical in 2017. I am sure it will be the brands that show agility against uncertainty that will steal a march on their competition.

We also need to remember that one of the defining characteristics of this industry is its creativity. For us, creativity is about finding ways of turning your events into treasured memories, sleek execution and the delivery of customer objectives. Again, it will be event professionals like us that provide the solutions to growth for everyone.

Within our own market, we face a new challenge. We have to accept that the unusual venue market is now a developed one, we've been operating in this market for over a decade and continue to see a huge amount of unique and interesting venues coming into the market each year. The events we help organise in museums, stadia, and heritage sites provide the venues with an important stream of revenue to support their core activities.  As such, we need to accept the responsibilities of a major player and a market leader.  The opportunity to grow this sector is massive for us, it’s one that we will rise to and continue to provide leadership for within this hugely dynamic and creative market. 

We’ll be making the first steps along this path at the beginning of the year with the launch of our own Market Report on the Unique and Unusual Market, and how we see its role in the events industry going forward.

Until then, we keep a watchful eye on 2017, it will be the year for relationships, and we’ll be doing our bit on behalf of our clients and our industry.

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