Whether as a business or an individual, there are numerous associations out there that offer various benefits to their members, across a variety of industries. They can be great sources of guidance, information and support, often ensuring members are aware of and adhere to industry best practice and you will see a number of benefits throughout the year thanks to your membership.

Whilst you may be hesitant about adding an extra meeting into your diary, your time will be well spent. Along with the seminars, conferences and other events, associations provide opportunities to make valuable professional contacts by developing relationships with other members. They may introduce you to suppliers or host events that can offer the chance to network within your industry sector, as well as provide development opportunities by discussing key topics that impact your industry. LVP’s very own Jenner Carter, Head of Marketing, held an open conversation at the HBAA ‘Forum Fest’ earlier this year, discussing the impact of GDPR a month on from the new legislation coming into play. “HBAA is the events and hospitality association that drives, promotes and models good business between its members. It’s great for the event industry that such an association exists as they provide valuable exchanges of information.”

Associations also act as a form of accreditation, reassuring clients and customers that your business is in touch with the industry and re-enforcing industry standards. They are informative and can offer best practice or a code of conduct to use as a guideline for your business. It also shows that you are a business that wants to learn and grown, eager to be aware of any industry hot topics or trends as soon as they enter the horizon. After all, knowledge is power, so a business or individual that wants to continue educating themselves about their industry is usually on to a good thing. Some associations may release newsletters or magazines summarising key notes within the industry which can provide valuable insight to businesses.

There are often multiple associations within an industry, and each will offer different benefits by becoming a member. But like Lime Venue Portfolio who are members of HBAA, MIA, ABPCO and London and Partners, you don’t have to stick to just one. Some may offer discounts with related organisations, and others may provide opportunities for personal and professional development that aren’t available elsewhere. Perhaps there are different levels of membership available depending upon your requirements? Research is important, so make sure you have as much information as possible about the associations you are considering becoming a part of. If you contact the association direct they will be able to talk you through their membership and help you qualify it, as they will be able to understand your needs and what they can offer you.

As long as you have taken the time to discover the benefits of the different associations suitable for you or your business, you should find that becoming a member brings many positives to your role.



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