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At Lime Venue Portfolio we’re passionate about a few things - events; unusual venues; tasty food and great service. With these passions in mind, we decided our 2015 Agent of the Year campaign would give us the opportunity to really showcase the bits of our business that make us really proud. Previously we have taken our guests to the BRIT Awards, to showcase the fantastic work our special events division Payne and Gunter deliver to pull off such a high profile event. So after a lot of thinking, we decided our next Agent of the Year campaign would see us take the winners on an educational journey to the home of Levy Restaurants, Chicago!


Chicago - Home of Levy Restaurants


It fell to Kerry Wright one of our famous key account directors, and (very fortunately) myself, to accompany 5 team members from our winners, Grass Roots Meetings and Events, across the pond.


Personally speaking, I loved every second of it. Great experiences throughout the whole trip combined with feasts of great food and exceptional service from start to finish, but it was perhaps the feedback we received on our return from the US from our guests really made me smile!


It was a real privilege to be able to demonstrate to our guests the “winning one customer at a time” (WOCAAT) service mentality that Levy Restaurants are so famous for. It really was exceptional, with notable highlights being our fantastic experience in the Audi Club at Wrigley Fields. We enjoyed a fantastic buffet lunch and chef’s tables before heading off to watch the Chicago Cubs beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-2. None of our group had had the pleasure of watching a ‘ball game’ before and the mix or great service, great food (with some really cracking US style dishes) and the home team winning was a heady and truly memorable experience.


Wrigley Fields - Chicago Cubs Pitcher


Our trip also took in a couple of Levy Restaurants most renowned establishments, Joe Mellnick’s Corner Tap and Café Spiaggia. This gave us a great opportunity to experience how Levy has adapted and grown as a company and how it delivers a great mix of very different eating experiences.


Jake’s delivered a fantastically relaxed and authentic introduction to all American fare including hot chicken wings, nachos, ribs and burgers. The fact that there was a huge array of American craft beers to help wash it all down left me with a beaming grin.


The next night we were perhaps even luckier to visit Café Spiaggia, the more relaxed sister to Chicago’s Michelin starred Spiaggia. Our group ordered dishes including whole roasted Branzino with fennel, home cooked gnocchi and Lobster pasta with wild boar ragu, Parmigiano Reggiano and basil. All were delivered to an exceptional standard and each gleefully received. We were even lucky enough to meet chef-partner Tony Montuano and hear about his humble beginnings and passion for delivering a sense of Italy’s heritage by showcasing its finest ingredients. Under Tony’s guidance, Spiaggia delivers menus crafted with verve and imagination. And the experience was certainly an evening to be remembered.


Our Chicago trip ended with the opportunity to visit ‘Home Office’ and meet some of the stars of the Levy Restaurants team. We were shown around by Alyssa Brandt, National Sales Director, who talked us through the inspiring building and gave our guests an insight into the culture of the company that celebrates “Levy Legends”, frontline staff that really do deliver the WOCAAT philosophy. We finished our visit with a look at the innovation kitchen, where chefs continue to push the envelope and experiment with new produce and flavour combinations to deliver unique guest experiences.


And I suppose it is this mission – to deliver unique guest experiences that we whole heartedly strive to help our customers deliver as well.

Check out our video montages of our Agent of the Year Trip to Chicago!



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