Summer is lazy weekends and long evenings, the envious smell of other people’s barbeques, cut grass and suntan lotion. It means that leisure time can become longer time, and work-life balance a natural default. Everything seems to taste better between June and August.

It’s all too easy to forget the joy of a super cocktail, a new drink tasted for the first time. For all of you who have enjoyed a glass of rosé on a summer holiday, it always seems to taste so much better with no socks on. Therein lies our challenge.

But why should socialising be at the expense of your health? Our drinks need to be as inclusive as our food. It’s high time to banish Bucks Fizz, a poor excuse for early drinking, an obvious Elderflower simply won’t do anymore.

My friends at Lime HQ know the importance of not only being on trend, but being ahead of trends, opening minds as well as mouths. Their venues offer innovative food and drink experiences, always mindful of sustainability with their ‘Mindful Meetings’ packages. A flexible approach to health and lifestyle is always firmly on the agenda.

The UK’s drinking culture is scarred with excessive quantity, so it’s time to bring on excessive flavour.

  1. Cucumber cup with sliced cucamelon and cucumber skin granita. A beautiful summer cooler which can be spritzed to life with or without a splash of Pimm’s.

  2. Kombucha refuses to be ignored. This mocktail takes the challenge out of tasting the trendiest of health drinks, more citrus splash than salt and vinegar.  Triple citrus Kombucha fizz with chilli sugar: Yuzu, grapefruit and lime, topped with ginger beer.

  3. Cocopop milk martini: Macerated milk with bitter chocolate, finished with fresh vanilla extract, with or without salted caramel Stolichnaya.
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