This month Lime Venue Portfolio is running its inaugural ‘Beyond’ Conference; a day of content which looks at where the world of business and the world of events meet and look into our shared future. We’ve got some amazing speakers, from Holly Tucker, Co-Founder of Not on the High Street, to Ru Barksfield, Founder of Big Bear X. With all this talent on show, we needed a resident ‘talent tamer’ and called upon the business and events genius Jason Allan Scott to help us. Jason is quite something, an author, an event organiser, a serial entrepreneur with businesses around the world. Then, when he gets a second, he produces a podcast called The Guest List which entertains a cool 180K people around the world and sees Jason speak to some of the highest profile business leaders on the planet.

With all his responsibilities, we were delighted to sit down with Jason to talk ahead of the Beyond Conference and see what he hopes the day will bring. But first of all, we wanted to know what ‘beyond’ means to him; ‘For me, beyond means the next step, the next stage, an evolution. We look at the world together and we see challenge or opportunity. For me ‘beyond’ is about embracing the Chinese version of the word ‘Crisis’, which means both opportunity and disaster. I like the idea that beyond takes on both these sentiments,’ comments Jason. Here at LVP we like Jason, and people like him, because they think about conventional things differently …

So, how about the wider events industry, how will it look beyond? “I think a lot about the structure of the event industry; how is it set up? Speak to any business leader and this is what they talk about, and that’s what we need to understand as an industry. How are we set up to embrace things like innovation, creativity, progress, or even success? If you look at great innovations, be it the Post-It note, Nintendo Games console or even the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, each of these inventions sat under a solid set up that was already looking beyond.”

So is the set-up of the events industry ready to look beyond? “Overall, the industry has not been the disruptive innovative force it can be,” thinks Jason. “We are too often driven by our clients, the needs and the vision of the people we report to. I hope Beyond will instigate a more challenging approach to what we do, and expose people in the room to new idea, new ways of doing things, and to ask them the question, what can I do differently? Not just everyday things, but how can I be a force for looking beyond the normal?”

With this outlook, it’s impossible not to be looking forward to Jason’s interview with Holly Tucker, co-Founder of Not on the High Street, so we asked Jason what he hopes to discuss with her? “Given the theme of the conference, I’m really interested in how she approached merging the new and the old world together. Not on the High Street is a business of its time, it saw a high street brand enter a digital space by imagining a world beyond what most consumers are used to. I also want to bring the conversation to that of events. We all sell experience, and Not on the High Street was the first experience selling platform I saw. She has a great business mind, and if we can tap into her thinking, it will be a great session for everyone.”

We know how you feel Jason, here at Lime Venue Portfolio, we got incredibly interested (and excited) about Not on the High Street when we were looking at our own website, and putting together all of our lovely venues into an online market place for event organisers. We liked the idea of serving our venues to get to the right audience by creating a brand that would be bigger than the sum of its lovely parts!

And finally, what about some of the other speakers, any favourites in there? “Ru Barksfield is a visionary in our space, he was into event tech when those two words were not synonymous,” comments Jason. “He is someone who sees block chain when we see the internet, when we see autonomous cars, he see’s meetings in ‘motion’, the audience will love him.”

And we’re absolutely certain the audience will love you too Jason! It’s going to be a great event, so if you’re looking to come along, let us know and we’ll share all the details.

Tickets are limited, please contact to register your interest.

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