Planning a roadshow is your opportunity to create some unforgettable experiences and put your business firmly on the map. Event planners say that increased competition is their biggest hurdle - so how do you stand out from the crowd?

We’ve put together an A-Z of interactive experiences to help you navigate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

A is for Artwork

Employ a local graffiti artist to illustrate your message and create an exciting backdrop to your event. Your audience will be amazed as artists create a masterpiece right before their eyes.

B is for Balloons

Balloons are back! And the bigger the better. Colourful and fun a balloon installation can communicate your branding in an eye-catching way. Jumbo letter balloons can be a great shareworthy photo opportunity. 

C is for Communication

Communicating a clear message to employees, customers or other stakeholders is why you have a roadshow, right? So, consider how you deliver that message in an exciting and engaging way. Everyone has a strong desire to know or learn something new. Consider adding an element of curiosity will make an activity irresistible. Host a secret workshop or presentation as part of the event. Don’t forget to create a secret password. Everyone likes an element of mystery and to feel they’re part of something exclusive.

D is for Digital Wall Art

In a time when screens have become normalized in our daily lives, a floor-to-ceiling display is a way to cut through the clutter and grab someone’s attention. Interactive digital walls combining beautiful visuals that react to the body’s movement allow audiences to move and play with their surroundings.

E is for Engaging Rooms

Turn an entire room into a statement piece of décor or a theatrical set. Implement immersive experiences from beginning to end to set the tone and create anticipation and excitement.

F is for Food Festival

Why not bring a touch of festival fever to your roadshow. Food festivals are more popular than ever. People’s interest in where their food comes from has increased enormously and food allows us to reconnect with the people who produce it. Include some tasty bites from the local areas you’re visiting on your route.

G is for Gamification

Getting people to attend event sessions and attend your Roadshow can be challenging. Gamification helps get more people in the door while tracking attendance levels.  

Gamification is a great way to educate your attendees and immerse them in your event at the same time. Create a separate gaming corner or introduce a poll that all attendees can get involved with.

H is for Health

Health and wellbeing is top of the agenda for 2019. At Lime, we’ve recently held a boot camp weekend to promote the importance of professionals looking after themselves. In the UK stress accounts for 45% of lost work days, and over 1.3 million people have suffered from workplace stress. Introducing opportunities for your attendees to take care of themselves like providing healthy snacks or running a physical activity that will give your attendees some much appreciated ‘me time’. 

I is for Installations

Living installations breathe life into events and are a sustainable alternative to plastic based props. You can choose plants with a variety of colours and textures to create the perfect wall for you and your event.

J is for Joining the Workshop Revolution

Interactivity creates valuable memorable experiences. Choosing something that attendees can collaborate over a shared vision and purpose and introducing a skill that brings people together will make your event stand out. If you’re an electronics company, invite attendees to solder a simple circuit board. If you’re a catering company invite attendees to a cookery class.  

K is for Kinetic Learners

If you’re delivering talks and presentations at your roadshow, provide a variety of seating and learning options so everyone can access your events key messages.

L is for Local

Attendees are looking for something out of the usual. Make the most of each location that you visit. Utilise landmark venues and also introduce locals to a venue they never knew existed in their city. Opt for an intriguing secret venue and off the grid locations. Choose a venue that uses local produce and wants to showcase local specialities within their menu.

M is for Multi-Sensory

Over the years, countless studies have proven sensory stimulation plays a large part in memory formulation and association. A recent survey by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events found that 78% of event professionals believe that events appealing to multiple senses deliver a more memorable and creative experience for delegates and audiences. However, only 27% of those surveyed believed that the five senses are being effectively stimulated at events so this is your opportunity.

N is for Name Tags

In today's world, people can be cautious about strangers. A name badge is an instant introduction which tells a person who you are and where you work. A name badge tells others that you're a professional. 

O is for Offline

Being switched on 24/7 is just a form of procrastination that distracts us from what’s important and hinders the formation of short-term memories. Being online line can sometimes feel like a full-time job. People are choosing to switch off their devices and more events are going ‘offline’. Attendees are looking for ‘real’ experiences and this is reflected in the rise of digital detox cafes in the US and unplugging parties, where attendees learn new skills, like using a typewriter...

P is for Photobooth

Capitalize on the recent selfie and photo booth popularity at your event. Hire an Instagram Printer to add a unique aspect and help guests to document and share their memories.

Q is for Q&A’s

If it’s well planned a Q&A session can become the highlight for all attendees. Opening up the floor for discussion gives a voice to your audience. Adds value and a takeaway to your event.

R is for Rewarding Loyalty

Offer specials to “frequent flyers.” Reward loyal attendees by creating automatic communications and available discounts for those who have attended in the past.

S is for Swag

Pamper your attendees with some goodies. Give them the opportunity to sample your products and services and spread the word. 

T is for Transformation

Live labs create extraordinary experiences and fuel innovation and transformation. They provide hands-on learning opportunities and encourage experimentation, which increases retention and more importantly the ‘fun factor’.

U is for Ultra Violet

The 2019 Pantone colour of the year was a deep shade of purple known as “18-3838 Ultra Violet”. Find ways for this shade to compliment your styling and be on colour trend.

But it’s up to you. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Perhaps choose something completely different that stands out.

V is for Video / VR

Capture the ambience and atmosphere of your event using the increasingly popular 360 video and photography which can be used during a live stream to make virtual attendees wish they were there and feel like they are. Integrating 360 video seamlessly can be difficult but also paves the way for augmented reality at your event too.

W is for Weirder and More Wonderful Venues

Attendees are looking for something different that they’ve not experienced before; a feeling of exclusivity and being in on a secret that others don’t know about is key to your event’s popularity. Choosing a unique venue like a castle, museum or stadium that has different spaces to a traditional event venue can also lend itself to your roadshow theme.

X is for X treme theming

Dare to go ‘full on’ with your theming. Don’t leave people guessing what on earth the theme is. Go ‘full on’ with bold patterns, colours and props.

Y is for Youth

Event Manager Blog suggest that nostalgia is always a way to make an impression. It helps people harken back to simpler times and conjures up happy memories. When a destination management company evokes those types of pleasant feelings, those emotions get transferred to the event itself. Literally. Add childlike wonder to your events:

Z is for Zoning

Sectioning off areas of your venue into separate “zones” that meet different attendee needs or niches seems to be popular currently. Making use of all of your venue is important so these multi-functional areas add a dynamic element where a variety of needs can be met.


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