It only happens once a year and it can give a business the perfect way to let off steam, or it can cause some of the biggest headaches, but proper planning of your Christmas party is essential to avoiding the most common pitfalls.

Christmas Nightmare #1: Pint at the local? 

Christmas parties planning can go wrong very early when not booked properly in advance. We’ve all been to Christmas parties arranged with only a few days notice when all the best venues were already booked and the night doesn’t live up to the hype. Given this is a once a year occasion, isn’t it worth pulling special out of the bag and giving your team a truly memorable night?

Christmas Nightmare #2: Winter Is Coming

Whether it’s un-ironic Christmas jumpers or another Bond theme (where basically everyone wears the same generic interview suit), there’s few things worse than a cringy fancy dress policy which leads to everyone feeling at best uncomfortable or at worst embarrassed. Know your team and work out what suits your company the best! Is it a Game Of Thrones feast or is it a 90s rave? Put a personal stamp on your party which employees will be reminiscing about for years to come.

Christmas Nightmare #3: Location, location, location

With all the festivity and atmosphere of an hospital waiting room, it’s amazing how often the biggest work celebration of the year can end up hosted in a generic hotel function room, devoid of the character befitting your company.  Luckily the UK has some of the best unique, historic and luxury venues available, so lets make this the party to remember!

Christmas Nightmare #4: Another roast (which isn’t as good as you mums)

We already enjoy an extraordinary number of roast dinners over Christmas, so why not break it up with something a little different? Depending on your theme, you could really push the boat out and explore all kinds of different options, from Bavarian Beer experiences to après-ski luxury, with the right food on board everyone will be set for the perfect night out.

Christmas Nightmare #5: Same old faces

You have to spend every day with your colleagues, and however great they are, sometimes it makes sense introduce some new faces by going for a shared party. This gives you the option of more glamorous venues, bigger entertainment and a livelier atmosphere without going over budget. 

Christmas Nightmare #6: Speeches Ad nauseam

So not everyone has had to of suffered through this, but marring a fun night out with long and overly detailed speeches about company values isn’t always the best way to bring your team together. How do you fancy an inspiring tale of exploration and overcoming challenges from Bear Grylls? Think inspiring speakers to hone your teams ambitions and get them prepared for 2018.

Christmas Nightmare #7: I don't want to rock, DJ

There are loads of ways to liven up the party, especially when it ties in with your theme. Forced fun is bad, but there are so many options when it comes to entertainment, there’s no excuse to recycle ideas from years gone by. How about getting a cocktail making experience to test the teams creativity, or how about circus of live music performances? Options like this are especially viable when you consider shared parties, so consider all your options.

Christmas Nightmare #8: What did we do last year again?

The last thing you want is for everyone to leave the party and by Monday morning, everything is back to normal. You want to be able to celebrate your successes and remind everyone why they love working at your company. So get your best employees together and get brainstorming.

Christmas Nightmare #9: Level up

So putting on an amazing Christmas party at a unique or unusual venue, with food to die for and the best entertainment around, is a great way to treat the team and show them how valued they are. For some teams even this isn’t enough, so why take it to the next level and plan a Christmas themed away day with team building activities, remember Christmas parties shouldn’t just be an event, they should be an experience!


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