Days in the office shouldn't be spent waiting for the weekend to come. Welcome the summer into your business!


It’s July and you’re sitting at your office desk, routinely tapping away at the keyboard during the old 9-5. Gazing out of the window, your mind wanders away from work to a time where you can bask in the glorious British sunshine. There’s nothing that you want more than to be outside, sipping a refreshing gin and tonic, surrounded the comforting aromas of a sizzling BBQ. Life doesn’t get much better than that.


But alas, it’s only Tuesday and you realise that work waits for no man or woman. You turn back to your desktop and with a sigh you push on with the long ‘to-do’ list, waiting for Friday to come.   


You’re not alone.


Every year there is a slump in employee motivation.  As the weather improves, business mind set declines. It isn’t a surprise. More holidays are booked and most meetings and events come to a standstill.


But this should not mean that your business stops. No, business must continue to move forward, deliver new projects, build company culture and grow. Rather than accept the lull, embrace the summer vibes and welcome it into your work activity.


7 top tips to boost employee motivation this summer


1.      Host a meeting and ignite a new project at a scenic venue

Business has changed. Going outside is no longer deemed as being less productive, it’s in fact using the elements to become more productive. Book your meeting at a venue that offers outdoor space. 

Sunshine sessions and lapping up the vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered. A boost of vitamin D aids the production and release of serotonin, meaning we feel great and can power through those tasks. Wi-Fi is available outside at many venues, so ask the question in advance. Although remember that shade is important - it's counterproductive if you cannot see your laptop screen!

Get in touch with Mother Nature to create a truly relaxed environment. Meetings can often become intense, so make the most of your surroundings. Allow regular breaks to stroll around the grounds. It will refresh the mind and encourage creative thought.


2.      Embrace your British heritage

Find a venue that offers something a little more quirky and interesting to create your own Great British Summer garden party. National Railway Museum regularly offers afternoon tea for delegates in their carriages and is definitely a talking point for attendees. Weston Park (as shown below) love to emphasise the joy of being quintessentially British. Now who could deny a scone with lashings of fresh clotted cream and jam? 


3.      Team building to talk about!

We know that teams that work well together are more productive and many of our venues offer exciting team building activities to help you achieve this. High ropes, golf, driving a tank... how about some duck herding? Not only will it leave your team howling with laughter, it will increase employee motivation and improve cooperation amongst delegates. A strong team bond is important to keep morale high, particularly in projects involving short time restraints.


4.      Organise a summer party to remember

Summer events are hugely rewarding. A Christmas event ‘has’ to happen, whereas one held in the summer highlights that your business chooses to invest in its employees. One of the best ways to reward your teams is by throwing an entertaining shindig to let your hair down and encourage a positive corporate culture. Show your team that you have noted and appreciated their hard work; non-monetary incentives really do work wonders.


5.      Encourage health and wellbeing... the fun way!

Most businesses care about the health and wellbeing of their employees and this is a big opportunity to take full advantage of. Fresh fruit, crunchy salads and low calorie snacks taste even more delicious when the sun is at its hottest. It’s natural for our hands to wander to the closest packet of crisps or pop to grab a Big Mac during your lunch break, but we’re left feeling sluggish for the remainder of the day. 


Start a simple wellness program by sharing tasty recipes and bring in shared healthy snacks to the office; a communal fruit bowl perhaps. Encourage employees to leave the office during their lunch break to stroll and breathe in the fresh air and re-energise or even take a walk around the office. There’s an abundance of ideas for you to try, which will aid in participation and boost energy.


6.      Mix it up! Alter the daily routine

Research tells us that changing our environment can lead to a burst of fresh thinking and increased drive. Allow more flexibility if possible by allowing people to mix up their working hours or take a brainstorming session to the local greenspace for an hour or so. It means that you can make the most of the sunshine out of work, providing you push to meet that deadline. 


7.      Forget the healthy living, it’s Friday!

This looks like I’m backtracking from no.7, but absolutely not! Friday is often spent waiting to leave the office and urging the weekend to begin, but you have the power to change that round by harnessing that weekend excitement and giving your team something to look forward to each week. Get away from the office as a team and make it special! 


A drink at the local pub, a team lunch, grab some snacks and head to the local greenspace or have a ping pong/ pool tournament! Fresh homemade lemonade may not be the healthiest, but it tastes delicious and will put your team in high spirits. I can assure you that Friday’s will be far more greatly looked upon by your team if they have a kick-starting incentive. 


Yes, there really is an abundance of opportunities right at your fingertips. Just remember that not everyone goes on holiday in the summer, so here is your chance to get ahead of your competitors. Choose a unique experience at an unusual venue this summer for an event that is truly valuable to you and your business and find your own ways to put the extraordinary into the everyday.


Tuesday’s are now flying by! 


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