As we enter 2016, it’s difficult for our business not to be obsessed with stats. Our team sat down together in October and we shared another year of growth, another year of surpassing targets and another year of success for our business and our client venues.

But we should also be willing to look at the wider market context as well, and away from our own performance. Last month, The British Meetings Industry Survey showed that spend was down, as was the number of events. As much as I’d like to ignore these stats, they are very real and very present.

The research also showed that the industry is, like never before, embracing ROI and measurement, and this is to be applauded and encouraged. We want our clients to measure us because we know they will like what they see. This is good news, and alongside our performance in our sector of the industry, I’m feeling very confident about 2016.

The reality is that our growth comes from two main areas. Firstly, there is the increasing number of organisers that put more value in the events they put on. They are proud of their work, they see the value in it, and they want to invest more in adding impact to every event they put on. For me, the very act of coming to an unusual venue means the organiser is putting more thought into what they are doing.  

Secondly, is the diversification and extension of these events within our venues; event organisers are increasingly looking to take more time with their delegates, adding banqueting to conferences, and incentives to team building and training. More are turning residential and allowing us to host them for longer.

Our customers understand that Meetings Mean Business; that incentivised staff and clients mean stronger performance, that to communicate and engage with them is done face to face. It is this trend that has driven our client venue’s businesses consistently for the last five years and the pace of change is only getting faster.

The unusual venue sector has always been one that has added incremental growth to the events industry; we’re a reason to have an event, and an opportunity for creative event planners to host the event they have always wanted to produce.

his is an exciting time to be at Lime Venue Portfolio, and to be doing our part in the production of truly memorable events. 2016 is going to be another great year for us, and we’re doing our bit to make a difference for the industry as well.

Jo Austin - Director of Sales, Lime Venue Portfolio

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