Social media is a great way to share what your organisation is doing and an awards ceremony is the perfect event to get people talking and excited about who you are and what you’re up to.

Through social media, you can raise awareness and a real ‘buzz’ and anticipation around your awards ceremony, which will help generate more ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities.

However, breaking through all the social media noise can be hard and organisations can be wary about what to post, questioning the real value of a social campaign and the results it achieves. Events can often have a well-intended flurry of initial marketing activity at the planning stage which can slow down or end up being abandoned, wasting lots of your hard work.

If you’re feeling daunted and uninspired by your social media experiences, hold in there and don’t give up too easily. Social media is a great space to connect and communicate with your audience and potential attendees and can provide you with an engaged audience who’ll keep returning and most importantly talking about your awards event.

Here’s our top tips for building an awards ceremony social media campaign:

1. Have a Plan

Planning is everything when it comes to events, it can help you establish your true objectives and goals. Without goals, you have no way to measure your success and work towards the result you really want.

A clear plan will help you to prioritise your most engaging posts and activity, and help you get more done in less time. A well put together plan will also help you to produce quality work and keeps you and your team disciplined. Make sure you include key dates in your events timeline, from voting announcements to sponsorship posts so everyone can follow your journey all the way to the big night.

A social scheduling platform can be really useful in helping you schedule posts quickly across multiple networks simultaneously and also help you measure the performance of your activity.

2. Engagement

Motivating your potential attendees to interact and communicate should be the primary goal of your social campaigns. Setting up and running a competition to win tickets and sponsored prizes is a great way to get people involved and feel part of something big and exciting. Allowing your followers to get involved in the voting process is also a great way to get organisations who want to win to share your event details.

Make sure you choose the right social media platforms for your target audience, will your potential attendees actually be visiting these sites? And remember you don't have to post to every single social media platform going, spreading your content too thinly will affect the quality and effectiveness of your campaign. Identify the platforms that you think will showcase your event in the best way and truly reflects your tone and branding.

3. Sharing’s Caring

If you want to attract new followers and potential attendees, social proof is key. Seeing other people's positive experiences of your awards event will help potential attendees make a decision, be confident about their choice, and feel a part of something bigger. Include testimonials and videos of past winners, attendees and sponsors and allow entrants to share their applications online.

Send over a rosette or link to share on their site and produce other assets that they can use and engage with.

4. Enable Social Login

People are busy and can be easily distracted, making the application and engagement process quick and easy will more likely lead to successful applicants. We’ve all experienced the off-putting application process that’s 10 pages and takes hours to complete. With a social login, entrants can log in with their social accounts and never have to reset their password again. With the added social element people will also be more likely to share your event's details.

5. Create Ads

Ads are an easy way to get details about your awards ceremony out there loud and proud in the social space. With most social media platforms offering affordable campaigns, social media ads can have a great ROI. You can target specific audiences, interests and really tap into the emotional elements that motivate sponsors to interact with you. Create targeted ads that will actually matter to prospective entrants. And if they find value in your ads like free downloads or offers, they’ll look for more information and move closer to attending your event.

6. Use Images

There's nothing better than visual proof that your awards is a ‘must’ to attend. As social platforms become more visual and video becoming an essential part of your marketing strategy. Share what’s great about what you're doing, mix it up and build anticipation around what's to come in a variety of interesting ways. Share what your team is doing. Everyone loves to be part of something and be able to put names to faces.

Make sure you share what happened at last year's awards, showcase previous winners and get them to interact and share these images. Let people know that they shouldn’t miss your event. Ensure that you are unique and avoid using stock photos. Shoot your own photos, and use the same ones across your various marketing platforms. Followers of your brand will easily identify you because of the images.

7. Be Consistent

An integral part of social media posting is about timing, patience and consistency. Consistency is very important for a successful social media presence. The quality of your post is often more important than the quantity. Have a schedule and keep to it. Post regularly and consistently, theme and tone. Your rise on a social media platform can lead to a quick decline if the posting frequency is poor. Ensure that you get into a rhythm, and post regularly. Followers like to engage with brands that give them regular content.

8. Optimise your page

There’s no point directly your engaged social followers to a site or page that doesn’t meet their expectations or offer what they expected. If your site can’t convert potential attendees all of your hard social work will be wasted. Here are a few quick things to check on your website...

  • Is the layout clear?
  • Are you using high-quality images?
  • Is your content spaced out in clear sentences and paragraphs?
  • Is it fun and engaging?
  • Are there clear contact details?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Are there clear headings?
  • Have you included some testimonials from past nominees and attendees?
  • Is it mobile friendly and fast?
  • Are there other trust signals like secure payment and trust icons?

9. Interact with your audience

Social media is all about conversations. It’s up to you to reach out to your audience members, build relationships, offer useful content, and create value. Interacting with your followers shows that you care about your audience and you’re not just fishing for as many followers as you can get regardless of their interests.

Ensure you add interaction time into your social calendar. Ask some questions and get chatting.

10. Ask for Help from your Followers

When you want to spread awareness and widen your target audience, it can be difficult to do so on your own. But, when you’ve put in the effort to build relationships, you can ask for shares and retweets from your followers. This broadens your reach and builds social proof.

Social media is a competitive environment where brands battle for attention from their audiences. By implementing the 11 tips, your organization can come out on top and use social media to your advantage.

11. And lastly, enjoy it

Social media sites weren't created with businesses in mind. The idea behind Facebook was to create a way for people to meet and communicate online. Twitter is full of conversations with people chatting with one another and having fun. If your posts become too salesy or bland followers will catch on very quickly that you’re not being authentic.

If you enjoy what you’re posting, so will your audience.

We love awards ceremonies on a personal basis because they reward us, thank us and honour individuals. We love them as a business because they provide great marketing, motivation, incentive and external accolade.  

If you’re planning on holding an award ceremony and need a venue take a look at our venues ideal for award ceremonies.

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