The annual festive get together can often be a bit samey and lack the magical elements of this time of year. If you’re fed up with doing the same thing year after year, choosing an unusual theme can be a great way to break the ice between colleagues and the perfect opportunity to let your businesses personality shine through.

Here’s our top Christmas Party themes for 2018 that are guaranteed to add a unique element to your end of year celebration.


1. Christmas Jumpers

Is it even Christmas without someone in the office donning a festive woollen monstrosity from November 1st? Love them or hate them, the Christmas jumper once thought to be the epitome of naff is here to stay. Why not ask your guests to take things to the next level this year and turn your event into a Christmas Jumper contest. The more inspired and uglier the better.


2. Apres Ski

Your office may be located on an Industrial estate in the middle of Swindon far from the snow-dusted slopes of the Alps, but there’s nothing's stopping you from celebrating like you’re hitting the piste and Apres Ski bars this winter. Decorate your venue with traditional chalet elements (furry rugs, skiis and fake log fires) and ask your guests to dust off their retro ski wear for a vin chaud filled evening.


3. Winter Wonderland

There’s something magical about a white traditional Christmas landscape. Enter into the frosty, crisp, idyllic surroundings of a Winter Wonderland and include some dramatic lighting and props combined with some spectacular winter backdrops in your venue decorations.


4. Christmas Movies

Choose your favourite Christmas movie. From Santa Clause to Elf, Christmas offers an array of choice from heartwarming to hilarious films. A great inexpensive theme for an office party is to choose a few of your favourites and stage a popcorn filled screening.


5. Children's Books

Everyone has a favourite Children’s book. Ask employees to come as a character from a book from their childhood. Depending on the age range of your staff be prepared to welcome 50 versions of Harry Potter at your party.


6. Gold

For an elegant holiday celebration, throw a gold themed Christmas party. Glittery, metallic colours can instil a majestic air in your event and are a perfect contrast to the cold weather outside. At other times during the year, gold may seem a little over the top, but Christmas is the perfect time to bust out the razzle-dazzle.


7. Superheroes

It’s the age of the superhero. Thwack! KaPow! From Batman and Superman to Wonder Woman and Aquawoman, with so many heroes hitting the big screen your employees will be sure to have a favourite to dress up as.


8. Summer Party

If you read our recent Summer Parties blog posts, then you’ll know that Summer Parties are the new Christmas Parties. Ask your guests to wear their best beach attire. Throw around some beach balls, mix up the mojitos and turn up the volume on your Beach Boys album. In no time at all, you’ll all forget you’re in the rain-drenched UK.


9. Sing a Long

Grab a karaoke machine and get ready for a holiday sing-off. With the help of a few Christmas-themed cocktails, even the shyest members of the team will be banging out Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas.


10. Murder Mystery

Tis the season to be murdered. At long last, you can make your darker office daydreams a reality by organising your very own Murder Mystery party. What could be more festive?

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