1. 'GoT' to Get this One...

The real finale of 2018, for many, isn’t going to be Christmas, its Game of Thrones. 2018 has celebrated the finale of the ultimate in geek-out TV shows. So, crush all those who plumb for ‘Winter Wonderland’ with ‘Winterfell’, Fire & Ice, and Jon Snow. 

2. The Last Jedi Themed Party?

Also on the common culture topic, this Christmas see’s the next chapter in the Star Wars re-boot coming to the UK. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, could this be the last chance to have a Jedi themed party? Storm Troopers, droids and weird outfits? Sounds like a party worth getting into.

3. 90’s Retro

The one thing about Millennials and Centennials is that the music that we look fondly back upon with nostalgia, they see as ‘retro’. So, let’s move on from 80’s retro and jump straight to 90’s retro; a floor-filler for the 30s and 40’s and the ultimate in retro cool.

4. Day of the Dead

Grasped by a few forward-thinking maven’s at the end of last season, there is life in the Day of the Dead theme yet. A dream come true for many production companies, design, theatre, costumes and cocktails. Perfect.

5. Christmas Jumper 2.0

The only thing that Christmas Party’s don’t offer is a nice, honest traditional Christmas dinner, warming, nostalgic and … naff! So, lets hype up the irony, extend beyond disgraceful Christmas Jumpers, and into full blown ironic traditionalism. You never know, you could well end up accidentally liking it.

6. Health is the New Wealth

Tread carefully with this one, but wellness and mindfulness are the new business buzzwords and companies want to show their staff that they care. So, no yoga on the dance floor, but a healthier option to Christmas may well be the ultimate ‘warm hug’ for staff.

7. Bowler Hats & Mask Balls

A few cultural trends point in the direction of art, bowler hats and the need for a new take on the traditional mask ball. So, get ahead of the curve with a party themed around Ren Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’ (better recognised as a man in a bowler hat with an apple covering his face). Replace the apple with your ‘mask’ of choice, and luxuriate in cultural superiority.

8. It Was 50 Years Ago Today...

That The Beatles released their infamous ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album. Well, maybe not today exactly, but it was 2017 that celebrated the anniversary, so why not challenge guests to dress up in any character from the iconic album cover.

9. Summer Party (at Christmas)

Summer Parties are the new Christmas Parties so an ironic reminder to the management that this work force expects – nay demands! – a summer party as well as a Christmas one. So let’s dress for it, and leave a major hint that turkey and bad jumpers could work will when the weather warms up as well …

10. La La Land

OK, so by the end of the year, La La Land will be a distant memory, but it’s still been a great 2017 story, and what a theme for a party. Smart suited Ryan Goslings, choreographed dancing with Emma Stone, all to a uniquely jazzy sound track. What’s not to like?

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